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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Breakfast and Lunch, Hong Kong

1) Breakfast

Checked with the staff at the hotel that we staying to recommend us for a good "Cha Chan Teng" around Causeway Bay area for our breakfast, he suggested this cafe which just nearby the SOGO shopping mall.

-Pineapple bun (Polo bun), nothing special, and just realized there is no pineapple added even the name called as Pineapple bun, strange huh..

3 IMG_1247

-Thought Hong Kong has the best Milk Tea, but this one we tried was quite dissapointed, maybe we have not tried the best one in Hong Kong.

3 IMG_1251

-kid ordered this sandwich

3 IMG_1250

-Beef instant noodles (gong zai min), not bad

3 IMG_1254

-macaroni in tomato soup, nice one.

3 IMG_1256

-Tsui Wah cafe

3 IMG_1258

2) Lunch

Thinking to take Japanese food for late lunch at Nobu Intercontinental Hotel which Mia recommended, but they was closed because we reached there about 4pm. No choice, we went to a Chinese restaurant in a nearby shopping complex.

-This was the 1st roast goose that we ate in Hong Kong, but the taste just normal only, like those roast duck selling here, quite dissapointed. The menu said crispy roast goose, but the skin totally not crispy at all.
-Sorry, the quality of this series photos are quite bad, because I'm too hungry at that time (4pm), hands keep shaking, hehehe..

3 IMG_1107

-We also ordered crispy roast pork, and this was very good and the skin was super crispy, the best one I have had. And some green veggie and Eel fried with honey , normal only.

3 IMG_1106

- This steamed chicken was not good too, very thick layer of oil, and I can buy 2 bird of chickens for the price that I paid for this plate of drumstick size of chicken..

3 IMG_1112

-we like the chilli sambal served in this restaurant here, very nice.

3 IMG_1100

3 IMG_1099


~仪仪妈咪~ said...

food at hk seem like delicious ar ...

Reanaclaire said...

wow..sonia.. i will choose the beef instant noodles and the roasted pork looks ravishing!

米亚 said...

the instant noodle looks really good! not like the one we cook at home...! The goose was disappointing? really? it looks good in the photo...!!! thanks for the honest judgement with the food so I know which is good, which is not good... very well done Sonia!

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

Wow, that sambal caught my attention immediately! You can still bother to take photos when you're hungry! For me, I would have just eaten and have no photos to show :P

Sherleen.T said...

ur photo shooting skills make the food looks delicious.
i oso always forget to take picture when food is served in front of me although the camera is in my bag, haha, admire u there.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Polo bun is one of my favourite food....

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

YiYimummy, actually not all nice lar.

Reanaclaire,ya, the roasted pork was super nice and skin super crispy.

Mia,this was based on my own judgement, diff people has diff taste bud..

Ju, I tried my very best because I would like to share with your all.

Sherleen, sometime I do forgot too, hehehe..

somewhere in Sg, but this one I tried tasted so so only.

Colin Woon said...

Polo bun in HK is awesome! Especially polo bun with butter!

Like Mia, I like the look of the beef instant too, looks much better than the one I cook, ha!

That's the thing about travel food photography, usually the stomach can't wait for you to finish taking photos...hehehe...but I think you did a great job.

Though the first few photos looks ok but it's a bit yellowish, the dinner photos turn out better. You can take care of that with the "white balance" setting on your camera. Try different setting and see how it turns out. Then again, when you're traveling, sometime it's hard to mess with the setting when you're hungry for food, ha! Have fun!

Pei-Lin said...

Ah ... Your polo buns pic reminds me maybe I should try making polo buns someday, too ...

Thanks for sharing the photos! Would love to visit HK someday.


Shandy said...

I think your photos are wonderful. I love when you share pictures like these. Even though the food was only so-so to you, still looks tasty =)

Anonymous said...

I love all the food in Hong Kong. The polo bun and instant noodle......... look so YUM!

My Little Things Corner said...

wow, you try a lot of food in HK!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Colin, Thanks for your advise, but like you said, kids and hubby can't wait for me to take a good photo when they are hungry, hahaha..

Pei Lin, I thinking to bake myself too, and thinking to add some pineapple too.

Shandy, Thanks for your compliment.

Ellie, Thanks for dropping by.

Sze Sze, boleh lah..

苏联妈妈 said...

maybe the polo bun they served to u oledi out of shape . the actual polo bun's surface is just lookalike pineapple skin.
sometime ppl said popular n we are too looking fwd on it but end up will dissapointed us. funny rite ?

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