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Monday, March 21, 2011

Polo buns

Polo buns

Today i spent about 4hours to make this soft and yummy Polo buns, using the method of "gelatinised starch". The study said starch gelatinisation take places when heat and moisture is applied to a starch, gelatinised startches absorb more water than untreated starch, thus resulted softer bread.
This also remind me of the Polo bun i took during my trip to Hong Kong and the taste is not much difference from my homemade Polo bun.

To prepare "gelatinised dough"

1. Place flour and hot boiling water in a mixing bowl, mix with a wooden spoon.

Polo buns

2.Mix till a rough dough, cover with cling film and store in the fridge.

Polo buns

To prepare basic sweet bread dough

Tear the gelatinised dough into pieces and mix with other ingredients (refer below recipe)

Polo buns

Knead till a smooth and elastic dough and no longer sticky ( in actual fact, i find the dough is still quite sticky. Don't worry, you can still proceed so long the dough is smooth and look shinning).

Polo buns

Polo buns

Polo Bun
(recipe source: adapted from Alex Goh's recipe which published in Flavours food magazine)
*makes 20 buns

Gelatinised dough
100g bread flour
70ml hot boiling water

1. Place flour in a mixing bowl.
2. Add hot boiling water and mix with wooden spoon to form a rough dough.
3. Cover bowl with cling film and leave dough to cool in the fridge for at least 1 hour, and up to 48 hours.

To prepare Basic sweet bread dough

300g bread flour
100g plain flour
80g sugar
20g milk powder
1 tbsp instant yeast
½ tsp salt
175ml cold water
1 cold grade A egg
60g cold butter, cubed

1. Combine flours, sugar, milk powder, yeast and salt together in a mixing bowl.
2. Tear the gelatinized dough into pieces and add to the bowl along with the eggs
3. Using a stand electric mixer, mix on low speed, adding cold water gradually.
4. Mix until dough is well combined and leave the sides of bowl.
5. Add in the cold butter cubes and mix on medium speed until dough is smooth.
6. Shape dough into a ball, leave to proof for 40mins or until doubled.

To prepare Polo Bun

1 basic sweet bread dough

125g butter, softened
125g icing sugar, sifted
1 grade A egg
240g plain flour
1tsp milk powder

1 egg for egg wash
Icing sugar, for sprinkling

1. Divide the basic sweet bread dough into 50g portions and mould into round balls.
2. Arrange on baking pan and leave to rest for 10-20mins.
3. Proceed to prepare the toppings, cream butter and sugar till smooth and then mix in egg.
4. Add flour and milk powder and mix until well incorporated
5. Divide the sticky toppings dough into 30g portions.
6. Flatten a piece of topping and place it on bun portion, pressing down slightly.
7. Leave to proof for 60mins.
8. Preheat oven to 190c, use a sharp knife to score the top to form a checkered pattern.
9. Brush egg wash, bake for 15mins.
10. Remove from oven and sprinkle sugar once cooled.

* please adjust the oven temperature according to your type of oven, i find the temp 190c suggested is a bit high and resulted the surface of bun get brown very quickly.
I even added half portion of topping with coffee powder, thus it become Mexican buns

Polo buns

This bun is very soft while still hot, but I dont know the texture when store it overnight. I will keep you update the outcome by tomorrow.
Latest update on 22 March- after keep this bun overnight (store in a cover container), the texture turned slightly dry but still quite soft. I suggest not to keep this bun more than 48hrs.

Polo buns

Polo buns

Happy Baking !!


daphne said...

oooo.. This is very tempting!!! I might bookmark it for a day that I have some time to try it!

鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said...


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Normally I will order this to eat if the place I go got sell this

Min said...

Good try, Sonia. I love polo bun with a piece of butter inside, hehe. What kind of mixer are you using? I plan to buy a mixer to help me knead my bead dough, any recommendation?

CaThY said...

I love polo buns! Yours look yummy ;)

Awayofmind Bakery House said...

Your polo buns look nice! Is the top of the bun crispy type?

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Min, I have a Kitchenaid mixer, this machine really help when kneading a bread dough, you should consider to buy one.

Ah Tze, yes, the top is crispy type.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Very nice polo buns Sonia! Can see the soft fluffy texture of the bread. ;) Youd photos are tempting me to make polo buns! ;)

Love2cook Malaysia said...

Worth every hour dear...your polo bun turned out really yumm..something new to me! ;)

Abt your query, I bought Paul's buttermilk in Tesco Klang. Only brand they have there...often empty shelf too. I don't really prefer home made buttermilks.

ReeseKitchen said...

Yum Yum! You are making me hungry again!! Like the polo buns...:D

Jane Chew said...

this is one of my favourite too. I love the HK made polo bun with the 菠萝filling :) Yoours look really good. Kids must be very happy.

Janine said...

This really looks very yummy! Bookmarking to try soon :D

WendyinKK said...

Looks good.
I love polo buns too.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks great, like store-bought!

Jeannie said...

Been wanting to try making these but somehow didnt get around to doing it...looks so fluffy and I like the top crust:)

Unknown said...

dear..you know...my second son's is POLO too....i love this polo buns very MUCH..thanks for sharing.

divya said...

Very inviting and delicious buns !!!

Nadji said...

Ces brioches me semblent délicieuses.
J'aime beaucoup.
Je note.
A très bientôt.

Shandy said...

Beautiful! Love the buns, absolutely YUM!

Noob Cook said...

I love polo bun, and I try to eat it every day when I holiday in HK. Yours are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

The polo bun looks really fluffy :)

Cheah said...

Gosh, so much work but it really pays off, Sonia! Looks so yummy!

lena said...

looks very good and the crust looks perfect! i've done this method several times and i quite like it.

tigerfish said...

4 hrs??? Gawd! I salute you!

My Little Space said...

Love the topping so much. I will add in pineapple jam for filling. Yummmmm....
Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day.

The Sweetylicious said...

i like to eat polo bun but havent got the courage to try it! yours look so nice with te soft texture and crispy crust! yummy!! (: (:

http://dapurresepnusantara.blogspot.com/ said...

This really looks very yummy!

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