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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia, Melaka 2012 (part 1)

Last week we went for a short trip to Melaka. We did not visit any tourist places since we had visited last time, instead my kids were enjoy in the pool and our main purpose was to hunt for good foods..

Bert's Garden, Medan ikan bakar
My husband had mentioned to me many times about his's favourite and best nasi lemak served in Bert's Garden. This time he managed to bring us there..He had hard time to locate this place, made a few calls to his Malay friend, finally we reached there and sun was going to set..this restaurant just located by the seaside..





very nice dipping sauce for grilled fish

their grilled fish was very fresh and good !! but very pricey (RM60)..


First time tried this Cucur Geragau (Geragau is shrimp that use to make cencaluk). The taste was good too..I bought a pack of this geragau, going to cook this at home soon..


we ordered an extra plate of stir-fried kangkung to enjoy with Nasi lemak..


Here comes the nasi lemak..My husband said this is the best nasi lemak but for me this was just taste ok, i feel their sambal added too much of gula melaka..I still prefer Hassan's nasi lemak (will post it later)..
(RM4 per plate)


Lucas look burnt because he just came back from camp..



Bert's Garden Seafood
2078-C, Jalan Kg. Pinang,
Tanjung Kling,
76400 Melaka.
Tel: 06 3152213

Chung Wah Chicken rice balls shop

My kids asked to bring them to eat chicken rice balls..we went to this famous shop..very packed during lunch hour..


Did you spot the sesame oil that they use? dont know where to get this..



For me, the chicken was a bit overcooked but the sauce was tasty..


Here comes the rice balls, I feel like eating kueh but not eating rice,,still prefer normal chicken rice..But kids were enjoyed them..


Chung Wah Coffee Shop is easy to find, they just located at Jonkey street..

Here are few photos taken during our walk to Red House area (Dutch Square)..









Simple Person said...

I remember tat it always a long queue at Chung Wah..

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Your jalan-jalan cari makan look so fun! Ohhhhh...drooling looking at the grilled fish.

Li Shuan said...

Sonia, u know what u r lucky to buy the geragaou because they are seasonal. That is my favorite.my mum will go to hunt for this shrimp every time I go home. With the chili and onion deep fried like the cucur udang aiyo...best nya...! Here I can only replace the shrimp with crab meat haha...! I don't know whether u know there is a hidden village call Maura sungai duyung is a very famous place for ikan bakar. They have their own boat to catch the fish everyday. And the nasi lemak kampung n otakotak also very nice. I u haven 't been there next time try that. Of coz the chicken rice also my favorite place. But I hate the long q during lunch time. I am going home to enjoy those food..can't wait.

shirley@kokken said...

I am bookmarking this post for my next trip to Malacca!

Cass @ 揾到食 said...

Me too. Still prefer the normal chicken "rice" :)

My Little Space said...

That chicken rice ball shop is one of the famous chicken rice shop in Melaka but I don't like the queue. hehe.... I love visiting Melaka a lot especially the Red House area and the ancient building opposite it. I actually took my wedding photos here around the Nyonya heritate area. Very interesting & fun too. haha.... Ya loads of sweet memories.
Enjoy your weekend.

Ana Regalado said...

Melaka's so beautiful ! And the food looks mouth watering ! Yummy !

Lrong Lim said...

First time for me to hear about chicken rice balls... would like to try it one day when and if we visit Melaka... good photos...

PH said...

I have been to Melaka but did not get to visit the interesting places you mentioned. What I remembered was that the weather in Melaka was always hot and the town was always very jam.

FiSh said...

i agree with you. i dont like the chicken rice in a ball. most of the time it is just too oily..

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yummylittlecooks said...

Sonia, Bert's Garden are way too expensive!!
Next time you can try ikan bakar at Umbai or Duyong that Li Shuan mentioned de.

Jeannie said...

My boys suggested going there too but I find it a bit too hot at this time and since I had visited during CNY, I didn't want to go again, lol! But the nasi lemak looks delicious!

Diane said...

I love that second photo it is stunning. The food looks fantastic now my mouth is watering.... Diane

Rhosanna said...

Fiquei encantada com tudo isso!!!! Muito lindo! Parabéns pela linda família!


ping said...

I never did like the rice balls either, also prefer regular chicken rice. The fish looks delicious (I do like ikan panggang) but $60?! Good grief!
But at least now we know where to go. Last time we went, we couldn't find our way to any of the recommended shops and ended up at some fancy restaurant eating fried rice :(

Cocoeriley said...

Thanks for your message, Sonia. Happy to hear you enjoy the meals.

I like Malacca too, enjoy foods and shopping. Just nowadays pack of tourist, especially jonker street area. Anyway, we always feel enjoyable on Malacca trip during weekend ;)

Jane Chew said...

Oh dear, u r lucky to have the geragau. that is Helena's favorite. The chicken rice balls shop is one of the oldest n famous one but I like the other one opposite. There are few famous lemak store in Melaka. Bert's Just near my grandma's house :) I have to admit Hassan one better. Another one near Bert's very nice also but only open in the afternoon. Looks like u have a great time there.

Small Kucing said...

I was wondering what is ikan Pagar. kekeke. wah...after reading part 1 n part 2 I admit defeat. you guys really can eat.

nasi lemak looks good to me coz the rice is not lumpy.

Joceline said...


Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

A lot of meals are new to me, and I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I would need to go with someone who knows the dish so that I'd know how to order good food!

choi yen said...

It's been ages since my last visit to Melaka *sigh*

molly said...

I have not tried both nasi lemak and chicken rice ball of these 2 particulars shops. looks nice, must try. What I usually see in chicken rice shop is the long que. I usu go for Nyonya food.

Unknown said...

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