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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vatican Museums 梵諦岡博物館, Sistine Chapel, Rome Italy 2013 羅馬意大利自由行

After we left St. Peter's Basilica, we went to Vatican Museums which is just located beside the St.Peter's Basilica. And we experienced the long waiting time (1 and 1/2hr) to enter this museum (I heard if booked online will be faster).
There are many famous statues, frescos (is a technique of mural painting executed upon freshly laid lime plaster ) and tapestries(textile art) in this museum. Even though I am neither an art person nor a Christian, but still find them awesome !! This is famous "The Creation of Adam " fresco painted on the ceiling of  Sistine Chapel (this photo taken from a postcard as we were not allowed to take picture in the Sistine Chapel ^_^).

very long Q under hot sun !

you can skip from the long Q by joining this type of  "Skip the line" Vatican tour. I did not ask the fee since we don't want to spend money on this kind of tour..but I know the fee is high!

Luckily we spent the 1/1/2 hrs waiting time with a couple from Argentina (from the left) and two guys from Brazil . We were non-stop chatting from their experience on backpacker trip, politics, shoes, watches, taxes & etc. It was nice to know them as they are friendly and cheerful . They were also invited us to visit their country ^_^..I think I will go to Argentina since I had been to Brazil before..


View over the courtyard of the Vatican Museums (Musei Vaticani), looking towards the dome of St. Peter's Basilica and the peaked roof of the Sistine Chapel (right)IMG_3015

This is spiral staircases leading us up to museum (check below for another spiral staircases, it is beautiful than this )

 First we entered to gallery of sculptures





prepared to jam with this kind of crowds

Apoxyomenos , I prefer to take a picture from behind, sexy man , hehehe..

this is very unique sculpture !


Sculpture of Laoco



wall painting gallery





This is textile art of, but I am not sure is this "The Last Supper" ?


The view of outside of the museum


more ceiling painting


Before we exit, saw this mini version of Vatican city 

This is a most amazing staircase that I have ever seen, a spiral staircases that leading us down..

Still long Q but better than morning time that we have gone through, so advise to visit in the afternoon


My Little Space said...

Errr....they have erased my comment!

My Little Space said...

OMG, such a big & amazing museum! And so so crowded. I don't think hubby be able to stand still & wait there for more than an hour. hehe...I am actually targetting Tibet & Xinjiang. It's best to travel there while we still can walk & handle the highland preasure. Its not easy at all travelling these kind of places.
Thanks again for such wonderful photos.

Mel said...

So...so...beautiful!! Enjoyed viewing your hol photos here.

mayck-law. Blogspot.com said...


Ana Regalado said...

Wonderful photos , Sonia ! The sculptures and paintings at that museum look very impressive :D

Anonymous said...

wonderful journey,
i love the artwork, especially the "last supper", never seen the real thing before
if i was there iwould asked why the statue mostly naked
btw, even i'm a lutherant, i hope i'll visit sistine capel too

Li Shuan said...

Hey friend, even though u have a short trip but u really discovered a lot of places in detail... 佩服你的精力!

eileenlml.blogspot.com said...

nice shot esp those wall painting,
u did a good job sonia, thanks for sharing

鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said...


Gloria Baker said...

absolutely beautiful Sonia always enjoyed yours pictures!!

Nasifriet said...

Hi Sonia

We were in Rome and Vatican City in Feb this year and it was cold, windy and rainy. We had to buy emergency umbrellas that cost a fortune at Eur 10! You're lucky with the weather and all your pics turned out great. I'm amazed that you could take a closed-up pic of Michaelangelo's Creation of Man. We were not allowed to take any pics in the Sistine Chapel, but of course I did take and the pics turned out pretty skewed :-(

We did get an entrance pass online and avoided the long queue :-)

When we had lunch in a resto one afternoon, we heard the live broadcast of Pope Benedict 16th resignation. It was a shocking to the locals as there had not been a resignation by a papal in centuries. Other than that we enjoyed Rome a lot!

Unknown said...

merci pour cette belle visite.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

good morning Sonia...

Elaine said...

Good morning Ms Sonia,
Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. It feel like you are taking me through a stroll of the place!

PH said...

Very beautiful paintings and sculptures. Now after seeing, I no need to queue up lah!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Oh Sonia! I'm so jealous! But I'm really happy that you took some time to organize your photos and share them with us (so we get to enjoy!). One day.... I am hoping to visit. :)

LEY said...

beautiful beautiful...wait for me on Oct, i love the spiral staircase too, it is suitable for pre-wedding shooting

Choi Yen said...

Hope there is no humid and warm feeling in the museum with so many tourists inside~~

lena said...

enjoying looking at these pictures and the sculptures!

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