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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A half day trip to Bentong 文冬半日游

We just came back from a half day trip from Bentong, since this will be a short post, I decided to immediate post it after the trip. The journey from my place to Bentong is less than 1 & 1/2 hrs..

Before we reached to Bentong, we stopped by Janda Baik , a small Malay kampong with natural tropical rain forest, as to enjoy some fresh air.


While on the way to Bentong, we saw this small waterfall..

Our first stop of course go to Pasar Besar Bentong (market) as I wanted to buy some Bentong's good tofu puff..This is the Sunday morning market..

And good Bentong ginger, price range from RM 14 to RM 18 per kg..

But I only managed to get two pieces of Bentong's soft tofu, with stamp only original tofu from Bentong. No more tofu puff left since I was late (we reached around 11am)..

After shopping, we went to visit a waterfall nearby, The Chamang Fall.

This was my first time seeing a waterfall with rushing water makes the scene equally dramatic. 




Many peoples enjoying the cool water or having picnic at the river side.


Enjoying nasi lemak in this cool river water, sound real cool !!

There is a hanging bridge but too bad it was broken, and no sign of repair?

Time for lunch, we went to this restaurant for GuangXi(Kwang Sai) 广西 dishes which is famous here..

a crowded restaurant with many locals..

We had the famous GuangXi stuffed tofu puff 酿豆腐卜

If they can add more Chinese chives, it will taste better..

Braised yam and belly pork 芋头扣肉 , this was good, nice flavouring.

And we also had a nice plate of Bentong's crunchy stir fried kangkung (water spinach) 蕹菜

Last we had GuangXi style of steamed chicken 味琳鸡 , the topping (GuangXi called as nam ) with a lot of Chinese chives and Bentong ginger, it was very flavourful, especially the taste of ginger. 

This meal we had only cost us RM 71, rather reasonable. This restaurant is located at:-

双喜楼酒家  Restaurant SHL

Address:71,Jln Chui Yin,Bentong,Pahang.
Operating hours

Before we go back, we also stopped by a dessert shop (Kow Po Ice Cream shop 球宝ABC, just located opposite the bus station) for their famous homemade ice-cream and ABC (mixed ices dessert) 
Wow, it was full house, I have never seen a dessert shop in Klang valley has such huge crowd before..
The ABC is come with a scoop of ice cream. We tasted the peanut ice-cream, surprised that it was nice blended with ABC ..RM4 per bowl, definitely not cheap in this small town..


The cendol also come with a scoop of ice-cream. I saw they also have pandan ice-cream, maybe I can make this pandan ice-cream to participate LTU pandan event , hopefully I have time to make this ice-cream..

Ok, these are what I brought back from this trip, a big piece of Bentong ginger, two Bentong soft tofu and a packet of kaya puff ( I heard this is also famous, I got it at the pasar), less than RM 12, LOL.. 



Chef and Sommelier said...

Wow A-Chi! This looks like a fun short trip!

What's the difference between the stamped bean curds and the normal ones?

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Bro, because GuangXi peoples good in making tofu related products and I guess they have good water where this place is near Pahang river.

鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said...


Mel said...

Mmm......I was in wondering what is that special that tofu with the stamp and tofu without stamp on? Love that waterfall place!

Aunty Young(安迪漾) said...

The braised yam and belly pork looks good. Definitely want to try this one day. Thanks for your info.

cikmanggis said...
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cikmanggis said...

Sonia!!!!ini kg my hubby.I love pasar Bentong.Kami blk sebulan sekali.Pasar Bentong ada jual ikan air tawar seperti talapia..keli and patin.Tp mesti sampai awal jika lewat mesti habis.

mayck-law. Blogspot.com said...


CQUEK said...

“Oh my!” definitely came out of my mouth when I saw this

Kit @ i-lostinausten said...

Wow! This really brings back memories! My grandma , uncles & cousins still live in Bentong. I miss my grandma's GuangXi tau foo pok . Looks like you & your family had agreat time jalan-jalan & makan there . Awesome! ;)

chow and chatter said...

this place looks lovely nature and good food perfect

Anonymous said...

You have to go very early I think b4 9am for the tofu Bok.
If you are early, u can find Jin dui, kuih dalam, yam cake.... In the market. Btg wantan mee not to be miss, the texture of the mee is different with kl. next time do try btg restaurant for more yummy kwong sai foods. By the way I grow up in btg but now in kl.


Kimmy said...

Hi Sonia, thanks for the photo on Bentong ginger. Should be quite similar to Penang Air Itam ginger and the price too. I love your photos of the waterfall, must be very cooling there.

PH said...

Beautiful scenery and good food. That short trip is very worth it!

victoria Bakes said...

i love the traditional markets

victoria Bakes said...

i love the traditional markets

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Hi Christine, Thanks so much for you info. Next time I have to make sure I go there early in the morning. Do you have any recommendation for good Kwong Sai restaurant?

Esther Lau said...

I like Bentong Ginger, it taste more spicy. If next time i been to Bentong i will like to try the stamped tofu and the waterfall also look very interesting and fun. Thanks for sharing, Sonia :)

Sue said...

I am fr bentong too...there is,another Abc shop in jln chui yin that is good..name vis T.A.K ..they r famous for their homemade icecream too

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonia

You can go to "bentong phonix restaurant" or "qin han lou" (hochiak 8tv recondmended b4. Both are nearby market.


ccm said...

你向对的人买姜,她的姜才是真正的bukit tinggi姜,如果要煮鸡酒之类的,买到小小条的风姜会更好,RM30一公斤。
如果要吃好吃的kaya puff,pasar那里有一档莫家烧饼,那个是传统手艺homemade烧饼,他的kaya puff好吃。

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Hi Christine and CCM, Thanks a lot for your kind sharing.

Choi Yen said...

I was at Bentong last week for Kow Po ABC too :) & bought 2pcs of Bentong gingers, LOL

Small Kucing said...

Think Bentong have to go buy 7 early 8 early

Ana Regalado said...

What a delicious short trip , Sonia !I would love to eat some nasi lemak on that river lol The ABC's sure look refreshing and delicious for sure !

lena said...

i m not aware that bentong is known for its tofu..and comes with stamp too..looks so authentic..haha!

Unknown said...

Where to have local price durian musang in bentong?

The kaya puff & sakimah is selling in a bakery shop?

Unknown said...

Picnic and eating nasi lemak in the river and leave behind garbage everywhere. No wander we have leptospirosis in Chamang waterfalls. When will Malaysians learn?

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