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Monday, January 13, 2014

How to deep fry Fish Maw 怎样油炸鱼鳔

Fish Maw 花膠/鱼鳔  is commonly used in Chinese cooking especially served during Chinese New Year as Chinese people consider fish maw to be a luxury item. It is an excellent source of collagen. Fish maw itself has no taste, it takes on the flavour of the surrounding ingredients. You can find ready to use fish maw which already deep fried at the market, but my mother like to purchase the dried fish maw from the fisherman and deep fry by herself ( so we know it is clean and safe) . So I try to learn from her and share it here.

Dried fish maw
Slice into small pieces for easy frying

Sun dry for several hours as to get nicer result (Updated on 3rd Feb 2014- immediately deep fry the fish maw once you have done with sun dry as hot raw fish maw get better result).

How to deep fry fish maw:-
  1. Add cooking oil in a clean wok, then put in cut fish maw pieces, immediately turn on fire to high (do not pre-heat the cooking oil)..

2. You can see fish maw started to puff up

3. Fish maw half way puff up

4. Deep fry till they completely puff up (if you notice some part not puff up, simply use a chopstick push them into hot oil to continue fry) . Drain on paper towel. Store in the plastic bag, keep in room temperature if you intend to use it very soon, otherwise store in refrigerator for future use. If you intend to continue with second batch, wait till cooking oil turn cool then only add fish maw and continue to deep fry them.


Somewhere in Singapore said...

My relative will cook this during CNY

Victoria Bakes said...

Believe it or not I hv never seen fish maw in its raw form! Your blog is always an eye opener for me Sonia!

Mel said...

I am like Victoria Bakes...have not seen fish maw in raw form too. Yes indeed, I learn alot from your blog here.

CQUEK said...

that is my favourite.

Ana Regalado said...

Sonia , you can't really help but see both dried and fried fish maw here , it's everywhere , all-year round :D I really thought that the fried ones are a different type of fish maw :P lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonia, Gong Hi Fa Cai :) we could get the fresh fish maw, not too pricey though do you know if I could deep fried it the way you did? Thanks, Michelle

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Michelle, yes, sure you can follow this way, but make sure you immediately deep fry the raw fish maw once you have done sun dry and the fish maw still hot.

Unknown said...

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dried fish maw said...

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