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Monday, December 8, 2014

Whole Tomato Rice 整个番茄饭

I didn't know this popular Whole tomato rice until I read an article that published in a Chinese newspaper recently. Soon I returned from US trip, I immediately cooked this tomato rice since I was still recovering from jet lag, so this easy recipe just come in perfect timing. At the same time, I can also try out the new Le Creuset round French oven that I brought back from NYC.

After I shared this recipe in my Instagram account, I was thinking not to post it here. But my little son Desmond requested me to share it here, so next time his wife is able to retrieve recipe from my blog, hahaha..

I cooked a bit luxury version, added chicken and broccoli.
You can also use easy way to cook this rice by using a rice cooker.

Simply mix it up, then you are able to enjoy this yummy one pot rice .

Whole Tomato Rice 整个番茄饭 

2 cups uncooked rice (I use Japanese short grain rice), washed
2 cups water
1 whole tomato

1tsp salt
 2tsp olive oil

Other ingredients
1 chicken thigh (~280g), cubed (marinate with 1tsp Japanese light soy sauce, 1tsp mirin, 1tsp sake and 1/4tsp salt for an hour)
1tbsp butter
70g broccoli
½ onion, chopped


 1. Add washed rice in the rice cooker, add water, salt, pepper and olive oil

 2. Slice a shallow "X" in the bottom of tomato, place it in the centre of the pot.

 3. Place other ingredients (as per your choice) in the pot. Cover and press the button to start to cook.

 4. If you are using a cast iron, cook over lowest heat for 25mins (try not to open the cover during cooking) then turned off the heat, warm for another 10 mins( do not open the cover).

 5. When rice is done, toss the rice and cooked tomato, then serve warm or cold. 

Recipe by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover


PH said...

OMG, Desmond is so cute hah..hah..!! He is right lah. His wife next time can come to your blog and cook/bake many things for him and their kids and for you too :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...


My Little Space said...

Your boy actually said that! haha....
Have a great week ahead dear.
Blessings, Kristy

Mel said...

So you can be rest assure that Desmond will be well taken care of ....with this blog going on for your future daughter in law....hehehehehe...

Joceline Lor said...


Wordsmith said...

Your son is a smart boy :)

Anonymous said...

How much did the French oven pot cost? I only heard of Dutch oven but not French oven. Then I google it out, those mentioned in modern cooking show as Dutch oven are actually French oven...

This brand is very expensive in Malaysia. I envy your oversea trips, can buy a lot of fancy cooking utensils.


chow and chatter said...

this looks great and thats so sweet he wants his future wife to cook like you :p))

Victoria Bakes said...

totally agree with mel mel... u hv left a cooking legacy for your descendants... very nice dish!

Anonymous said...


Just want to check, if put the broccoli to cook, wun it turn yellowish when all are done? Thank you :)

Raj Groups said...

nice blog

Swee San said...

Your son is so cute!! Haha his future wife will have a big shoe to fill in next time :) I have seen this all over the internet. Looks like I have to try this.

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