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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sakura Chiffon Cake 樱花戚风蛋糕

I seldom decorate a chiffon cake with cream. The other day my sister invited us for dinner. So i took this opportunity to bake this Sakura chiffon cake and did little decoration on the cake. I didn't expect this cake tasted so nice as I was worry the pickled sakura which tasted like salted sour plum will taste odd. Since i only bake a small cake, all wanted a second serving also no chance, have to bake again next time ^_^.

This time i use Chantilly cream to frost the whole cake, tasted light and milky unlike use non dairy fresh cream tasted artificial and sweet.

I still use the pickled sakura that bought from Japan trip. If you are unable to find it at your place, you can get it from this online shop Nihon Ichiban 

Blend the pickled sakura with oil and water till fine

Sakura Chiffon Cake 樱花戚风蛋糕
*for a 6” Japanese style chiffon tube pan

2 egg yolks (large or A size)
10g caster sugar
50g cake flour
25g vegetable oil ( I use sunflower seed oil)
35g fresh milk
8pcs salt pickled sakura cherry blossom ( soaked in water for 1hr, drain and discard the water, lightly squeeze the water)
A drop of pink colouring ( I use AmeriColor Deep Pink 114), optional

2 egg white (large or A size)
30g caster sugar
1/2tsp lemon juices

For Chantilly cream
150g dairy UHT whipping cream
10g caster sugar
1/4tsp vanilla extract (I omitted this time)

Extra pickled sakura for decoration

  1. Immediately separate cold eggs after taken them out from the refrigerator (cold eggs separate more easily) into two mixing bowls (No oil and no water in these bowls, clean and dry bowls). Set aside and allow them return to room temperature.
  2. Add in vegetable oil, fresh milk and pickled sakura in a blender, process till fine paste.
  3. Add in sugar with egg yolks in a mixing bowl, immediately lightly whisk the egg yolks and sugar till light.
  4. Add in blended pickled sakura mixture and pink colouring, stir to mix well. Add in flour, stir to well combine.
  5. Beat egg whites and lemon juices till foamy , gradually add in sugar in there batches and continue beat until soft peak formed (takes about 3-4mins using speed 3 at a hand mixer)
  6. Take 1/3 of meringue and use a hand whisk to mix well and lighten the egg yolk batter (Do not worry you will deflate the batter at this stage )
  7. Then change to hand whisk to a silicone spatula, fold in 1/3 of meringue, gently fold with egg yolk batter till slightly combined. Fold in the balance meringue and gently fold till well combined.
  8. Pour cake batter into a tube chiffon pan, wipe off those excess batter stick on the tube or insert area. Tap pan on the counter top to remove air trapped inside the batter.
  9. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180c for 20mins at middle rack.
  10. Once baked, turn your chiffon tin upside down and cool completely before remove from the tin.
  11. Chiffon cake is ready to unmould. You can use a plastic thin spatula to run the pan and unmould the chiffon or you can unmould using bare hands method if you have master this skill.
  12. To make Chantilly cream, beat dairy whipping cream, sugar and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl (place it over another bigger bowl that filled with ice cubes and water), beat over high till stiff peak form.
  13. Frost the whole sakura chiffon cake with Chantilly cream then decorate with more pickled sakura on top. Chill in the fridge before serving.

Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover

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Fion said...

Hi, Sonia,this cake is too pretty to be eaten,love th3 pinkish pinkish colour
Thanks for sharing with BREE

Jean Soo said...

It is so pretty & tall! love the pink color!! :)

Jasline @ Foodie Baker said...

Your cake has such a pretty pink colour!

ice pandora said...

What a lovely chiffon cake c:
The colors are beautiful!

Cass @ 揾到食 said...

哎哟,真是漂亮,好喜欢 :)

Sokehah cheah said...

Such a pretty cake. Nice colour.

Little blue said...

hello friend...haven't see you a long time, miss you so much!!

very nice pink color, love it!!

Delores Hope said...

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Sally said...


DomesticGoddessWannabe said...

Hi Sonia,

Wow, you have really inspired me. I am so going to make this after I have moved to my new place!

Zoe said...

Hi Sonia,

Your Sakura chiffon cake looks so pretty. Very sweet in this beautiful colour :D


Nasifriet @ By the way... said...

Hi Sonia, I have been a silent reader to your blog for a while now. For this post, I just couldn't stay silent any longer. This is a LOVELY, absolutely lovely cake! You have a gift for baking and cooking. Keep it up and keep your posts and recipes coming. You're assured of a reader amongst many others. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us.

My Little Space said...

Again, this is just so pretty ! Love the colour as well.

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