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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Durian Magic Cake 榴莲魔法蛋糕

Finally i also done this popular Magic cake. One cake batter create three layers with difference texture after baked, top layer is sponge cake, middle layer is custard layer and bottom layer tasted like kuih (local steamed cake). I was not planned to make durian flavour. My first tried was pumpkin flavour, but i have under baked it and it was not cooked. Since i have durian, so the second attempted i tried with durian, and glad that it turned out ok even i can't really see the 2nd and 3rd layer clearly, but tasted with three difference texture.

This was my first and failed pumpkin magic cake. It was under baked and batter was not set. So you really have to monitor while baking. 

I am glad that i tried with durian flavour, it tasted nice after chilled, like eating durian kuih, durian custard and durian sponge cake ^_^ I cut this cake after chilled for 3 hours, so the custard still not really set, so prefer to chill this cake for overnight.

Step by step on how to make this cake

Durian Magic Cake榴莲魔法蛋糕
*for a 6” square pan or round pan , I used loaf pan 22cm top,19cm bottom, 7cm height

3 egg yolks (large or A size)
95 g castor sugar
90g durian puree ( this is weight after strain the durian flesh, leaving behind the fibres)
85g cake flour
½ tbsp water ~5g
370g fresh milk
93g unsalted buttermelted)

3 egg white (large or A size)
A pinch of salt

1.   Firstly, preheated oven to 160 degrees
2.  Place egg yolk and sugar in a mixing bowl, and use a balloon whisk and whisk until light and pale.
3.  Add melted butter and durian puree, stir to mix well. Then sift in cake flour, stir to combine well.
4.  Mix in water, then gradually add in fresh milk and use a balloon whisk to mix well until incorporated. At this time, the batter is watery.
5.  In another clean mixing bowl, beat egg white and salt until stiff peak formed.
6.  Gently fold in meringue into egg yolk batter into 3 batches, use balloon whisk to gently stir the meringue to mix with egg yolk batter, then use a silicone spatula to fold from bottom and mix well. Do not over mixed, and it is ok when you still seeing meringue bubbles on top. The batter still watery.
7.  Pour batter into a lined cake pan (do not use a removable bottom cake pan as the batter is watery, line paper on the side and bottom),  bake in preheated oven at 160C for 35mins at middle rack (when you see top turned golden brown), then reduce to 150C for 15-20mins. Do not over bake this cake, the centre should be a little moving once you shake the cake pan. Every oven is difference, please monitor during baking when you try for the first time. I also tried with 6" round pan, bake at 160C for 45mins (when the top turned golden brown), then reduce to 150C for 15mins at middle rack.
8. Cool the pan on a wire rack at room temperature, then chill for at least 3 hours, prefer overnight to let it set well. Lift the cake from cake pan by holding the baking paper. To have nice smooth cut, warm the knife with hot water and clean knife after each cut.

Recipe adapted from Mayck-law who adapted from小小米桶,  with minor changes


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ice pandora said...

Mhmmm this looks good! As usual :P
Also thanks for the step-by-step pictures!
Xx Ice Pandora

mayck-law. Blogspot.com said...

Sonia, 蛋糕还是很美, 也许是因为榴莲没有颜色, 所以看不到3层吧!

Andre C said...

So yummy! I wanna try it ! :D

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来,来,来, 我喜欢看魔术表演,快拿张小凳坐好。。。。

permatamama said...

like so delicious!

My Little Space said...

Durian magic cake sounds fabulous. The pudding layer should be addictive to those durian lovers. haha...

intanrh said...

like very gorgeous

Unknown said...

I did the cake over the weekend according to your recipe and instructions. It was great and everyone loves it! Thanks and do share more recipes yeah!

Josephine said...

How to strain the durian?

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