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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Prune Lapis Legit 干梅子千层蛋糕

After made my elder sister's Birthday cake, i have left with many egg yolks as i made a buttercream flowers cake using Swiss Meringue buttercream which use many egg white. So it was a perfect time to bake a cake Lapis ( layers cake) which i hardly bake one since it requires many egg yolks.

In this recipe, there are total 3 batter to be prepared.
1st is to prepare butter batter

2nd is to prepare egg yolk batter

Third is to prepare egg white meringue, the meringue is thick as all sugar is added with egg white

 Then mix egg yolk batter with butter mixture

Last add in meringue

Final batter is fluffy and light

I advise you to count the number of prune first, so you know how many to put in each layer.

Bake using steam bath method, i place two small bowls hot water in the oven.

Since i only have a removable bottom pan, so resulted a bit leakage at the bottom layer.

You have to bake each layer till well cooked (turn dark brown) . I encountered my cake was wet at the center as i didn't bake well for each layer. It was a mistake by me as i was wrongly planned the baking time. During the baking, i have to quickly finish the baking as i have to rush out to fetch my son from school.

Nevertheless, this Lapis Legit has nice aroma, rich, slightly on sweet side (i guess normal for lapis cake) and buttery !

Prune Lapis Legit 干梅子千层蛋糕
*for a 8 square pan

350g butter
120g condensed Milk
40g golden syrup
1/2tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract

20 yolks (~400g)
120g cake flour

4 egg whites
150g sugar

200g prunes, snipped half, flattened

  1. Line the bottom of a  8square pan (not prefer to use removable bottom pan).
  2. Preheat oven to 190 C, turn on the grill function. Put two bowls of hot water and the prepared empty cake pan into the oven to warm it up for more even batter distribution.
  3. In a stand mixer, cream butter, condensed milk, salt and golden syrup till light and fluffy. Add vanilla extract into butter. Set aside.
  4. Using a handheld electric mixer, beat egg yolks till light and fluffy. Mix in flour and combined over slow speed. Set aside.
  5. Slowly pour in egg yolk batter into butter mixture (no3) over low speed till well combined.
  6. Place egg white in a mixing bowl, gradually add in sugar, beat till peak form.
  7. Fold in egg white meringue with batter (no5) till well combined. Separate batter into 10 portions.
  8. Remove pre-heated empty cake pan from oven, spread a portion of batter into the pan, level batter with a spatula. Grill for 7mins or till dark brown (every oven is difference, please adjust accordingly).
  9. Remove cake pan from oven, press cake layer to remove excess air. Spread another portion of batter, level it and arrange prunes onto the batter. Grill for 7mins or till dark brown (make sure you bake it well and cooked, it is ok when it look dark brown, otherwise you will have a wet centre of cake once finished baking) .
  10. Repeat the same step till batter is finished. Turn off the grill function, change to top and bottom heat and set to 180C, continue bake the cake for another 10-15mins to further dry it.
  11. Remove cake from oven, cool on wire rack. Once cake completed cool down, slice it and enjoy!

Recipe adapted from Jane’s Corner, with minor changes


Agnes CF Lee said...

baking layers cake is tedious..will try my hands on it when I have retired, haaaa..

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