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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sourdough Pita bread 天然酵母_口袋面包

Once my new batch of natural yeast ready, first i removed some to make this Pita bread. I am so glad that the bread nicely puffed and has big pocket that we can fill up with anything, roast meat, pulled pork, vegetables, pickled vegetables and etc. My chidlren also like to spread with Nutella and banana.
By the way, baking with natural yeast, you need to have two P (Passion and Patience) ^_^.
Here are the benefits of Sourdough bread:-
Easier to Digest
Natural Preservatives
Blood Glucose Regulation
Better Absorbtion of Vitamins
Better Absorbtion of Minerals
 *extracted from a piece of information that my friend forwarded to me

 Whenever you want to use the SD starter, you have to activate it (open the lid and let it sit in room temp ) once removed out from fridge. 

Mix all ingredients and starter, knead till smooth dough

I use this type of pizza spatula to hold the dough and transfer the dough into hot oven

Remove the pita bread using Chinese spatula 

 Using normal black baking pan also work very well.

Sourdough Pita bread 天然酵母_口袋面包
*makes 12

250g all-purpose flour
200g sourdough starter (feed with all-purpose flour)
20g sugar
1/2tsp salt
2tbsp olive oil
~85g water

1. Bring out the starter from the fridge, remove the cover, lets it rise till double before used ( sometime I feeding with small amount of flour and water to activate if I didn’t use it for several days). Once you're done with your recipe, go back to feeding your starter equal parts flour and water (the amount depend how much starter you want to keep, can be 50g each or 100g each and etc).
2. Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl, knead till a soft and smooth dough. Rest for 2 hours or double.
3. Equally divide into 12 portions ( ~46g each), shape to ball, cover with a kitchen towel and rest for 1 hour.
4. Dust worktop with flour , take 1 ball (keeping others covered) and use a rolling pin and roll into to 4.5” - 5" circle, dusting with more flour if necessary . Baking 2-3 pieces at a time, depend the size of your baking tray . Cover the rest with kitchen towel .
5.  Place the dough quickly (I use pizza spatula and bake 3 pieces at a time) on a preheated cast iron griddle or pizza stone ( place at the top level) at 250C or normal black baking tray at 220C . After 2 -3 minutes the dough should be nicely puffed. Turn over with spatula and bake 2-3 minutes more. The pita should be pale, with only a few brown speckles.

Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover


PH said...

Wonderful! Your pita turns out so nice. Can put many types of yummy filling for a delicious pita sandwich.

singyeetan said...

if i use dry yeast how to exchange? thank you

My Little Space said...

Oh my Oh my Sonia, your pita bread looks fantastic. Well done !
Blessings, Kristy

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Singyeetan, you can use 1 and 1/2tsp, water increase 100g and adjust accordingly

Ms Howtheylived said...

Your breads look amazing! I've never tried sourdough, but you inspire me to try it, thank you!

Anonymous said...

My pita bread puff and look very nice when it first come out from oven but it became very hard the next day, what when wrong? Could you please advise.Thanks _ Ping

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Ping, you have to keep this bread in an air tight container. Yes it some how easily to turn hard and dry since there is no any shortening added. Try to consume within the same day.

YPP said...

My pita bread didn't puff up like yours, any idea what went wrong, however it is still very tasty, thanks Sonia for sharing the recipe

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

YPP, do not roll it too thin, and oven have to be hot , then the bread can puff up nicely.

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