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Friday, March 24, 2017

Red bean bread buns_Natural yeast 天然酵母_ 红豆面包

Some reader asked me is there any standard calculation for the amount of sourdough starter to use to make bread. From my experience, for rusty or country sourdough bread, usually use very little of starter, around 25%-30% ( starter over total dry ingredients), as to slower down the fermentation and create very nice aroma and mild tangy taste of sourdough bread. As for Asian type of soft bread, based on my own calculation, usually i use about 70-80% (starter over total dry ingredients) , as to speed up the proofing process in order not to get a sour taste of bread. You know it will not taste nice if a soft buns tasted sour right?
This time i baked this batch of red bean buns using homemade red bean paste, and use very simple bread ingredients which easy to make, still resulted soft and nice buns.

Red bean bread buns_Natural yeast 天然酵母_ 红豆面包
*Makes 14 buns

For the bread
310g High protein flour or bread flour
250g Natural yeast from sourdough starter (culture with bread flour) 100% hydration
25g sugar
30g milk powder
1/2tsp salt
115g water or adjust accordingly
25g butter, room temp

350g Red bean paste, I use homemade red bean paste
Sesame seeds or chia seeds

1.      Bring out starter from the fridge. Feed it with 25g bread flour and 25g water ( if you have less starter, you can feed more). Allow to peak, take less than 2hrs. You may perform a float test. Drop a small spoon starter into water, if its float, that means you may start to use the starter.
2.      In a stand mixer, add in bread ingredients except butter, mix and knead till smooth.
3.      Add in butter, knead till elastic and shining dough. Cover and set aside to proof till double in size. (~2 hours).
4.      Dust worktop with flour. Divide dough into 14 equal portions(~53g each). Shape to ball and allow to rest for 15mins.
5.      Shape red bean paste into round balls. Set aside
6.      Take a dough, flatten it then wrap the red bean paste and seal. Place seam side down on a lined baking tray. Lightly press the buns to flatten. Repeat the rest.
7.      Wet your finger then stick black sesame seeds at the centre of the buns.
8.      Place a non-stick baking paper on top of the dough, then place an empty baking tray to stack  on top. Allow to proof for another 2-3hrs.
9.      Bake in preheated 200C oven for 20mins. You may place another smaller baking tray to stack on top to give it some weight while baking, so the buns will look round and flatten.
10.   Let the bread cool on wire rack before store in an air tight container.

Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover


Diane said...

Another great recipe that I will never find the ingredients for :-(( Take care Diane.

Ana Regalado said...

Sonia , the bread looks perfectly-baked and the texture certainly looks fluffy ! I would like some , pretty please :D

cik ain | sweet thots said...

Hi Sonia,

How much should I put, if I am using dry yeast?

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

cik ain, you can just check my other bread recipes using instant yeast on my blog.

Unknown said...

Hi Sonia, may I ask when you say knead until shinny and elastic, does it mean window pane stage (elastic)?

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