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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Launch of Philips All-In- One Pressure Cooker 全合一电压力锅

When i received the invitation to the launch of Philips All-In-One Pressure Cooker, I didn't think twice and accept the invitation since currently i also own a unit of their pressure cooker. I wanted to check how this wonderful new appliance could helped in my kitchen.

Malaysians are known for their love of food and with Ramadan just around the
corner, it is time to take to the kitchen to whip up some good old traditional dishes in conjunction with the occasion. With so many dishes to enjoy, breaking fast or ‘buka puasa’ over the Iftar meal with family and friends and the Raya celebration are events to look forward to. Often, cooking traditional Raya must-have dishes is a time-consuming process that can take up to half a day in order to get the right flavour and texture. This Raya, Philips is offering Malaysians a means of preserving traditional local meals with the help of modern innovation, through the launch of the new generation Philips All-in- One Pressure Cooker today.

“Ramadan and Raya is a time for families and friends to come together over a hearty meal, and is typically a time for Malaysians to savour and appreciate delicious homecooked traditional Malay dishes such as rendang, curry and soup. However, the cooking process for some of these traditional recipes is time consuming and can take up to several hours of slow cooking to achieve optimal flavour and texture in the dish. In line with our mission to help people improve their lives, Philips Malaysia wants to help you preserve traditions with modern innovations by helping you cook your favourite buka puasa and Raya dishes more conveniently, so you have more precious time to spend with your loved ones,” said Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Country Manager of Philips Malaysia. “We have collaborated with Chef Marina Mustafa in conjunction with the launch of this new generation Philips All-in- One Pressure Cooker as she has a very innovative approach to preparing delicious healthy homecooked traditional meals. She shares our vision in offering easy yet delicious healthy recipes for consumers. With the new Philips All-In- One Pressure Cooker, this is certainly possible,” Ali added.

The launch of this new Philips All-In-One Pressure cooker was held at the Yellow Apron in PJ. In the event , Chef Marina Mustafa and few other chefs demonstrating few raya recipes for us. Chef Marina Mustafa herself cooking up the must have dish during Raya, Beef Rendang. As all of you know, cooking beef rendang need longer time to achieve the tender texture using the traditional way. But with this new Philips All-In-One pressure cooker, the cooking time is dramatically reduce to 30mins.

One of the new method in this cooker is the slow cook function, and chef Jovin Lee demostrating this method to cook for us the Lamb Shank Kurma .  The Lamb shank kurma was delicious, full of flavours and tenderness of the lamb almost melt in your mouth. We also got the chance to try out Mee Rebus (by Ms Anna Sha), Kek gula hungus (by Chef Ichiro ) and Acar Buah (by fellow blogger Ms Ruby) by them demonstrating to us the functions of  Saute (low temp or high temp), Bake and Stew. Oh ya, you also able to use this cooker to make your own yogurt at home.
I can't wait to try out some of the recipes, will share once i did !

The Philips New Generation All-In- One Pressure Cooker

Equipped with an intelligent cooking system, the new generation Philips All-In- One Pressure Cooker offers a fully customisable cooking experience that allows you to slow cook or pressure cook, in just one appliance. You can also sauté, sear, bake, reheat and warm up your meals, all in the same machine. The Philips All-In- One Pressure Cooker allows you to cook eight times faster 1 saving time and energy in the kitchen. Its pressure cook function comes with various menu buttons for cooking and steaming a variety of dishes ranging from soup, risotto and rice to meat and poultry as well as bake cakes. The aluminium alloy inner pot of the Philips All-In- One Pressure Cooker is durable and offers more effective heat conduction for a more thorough and even cooking result. It is coated with a special golden Whitford coating that is anti-scratch and non-stick. With an easy-to- programme timer that indicates cooking progress, the days of second guessing when your dish will be ready are over.

For your peace of mind, the new generation Philips All-In- One Pressure Cooker has nine safety protection systems and comes with a pressure regulator that is microchip-controlled. Right after cooking, the pressure regulator automatically turns on to release the pressure, so there is no need to discharge the pressure manually or wait for the pressure to drop naturally as the cooker cools. You can enjoy piping hot delicious homecooked food immediately right out of the pot!

Pricing and availability

Sold at a recommended retail price of RM799, the Philips All-in- One Pressure Cooker (HD2137/62) is available at the Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallery and The Gardens Mid Valley, both in Kuala Lumpur, and in Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru; at Philips Experience Stores in Menara Axis, Petaling Jaya and in Penang; and at retail partners and distributor stores nationwide and online via Blip.my and the Philips

For more information, please visit www.philips.com.my/pressurecooker 

新一代的 Philips 全合一电压力锅使预备传统佳肴更容易

新一代的 Philips 全合一电压力锅使预备传统佳肴更容易 Philips 继续推介最新产品以推陈出新和方便马来西亚主妇 八打灵再也讯 民以食为天这句话最适合形容马来西亚人,在斋戒月即将到来之 际,是时候走入厨房研究如何预备各种美味的传统佳肴了!一些家庭的开斋美食佳 肴不胜枚举,更令一家大小和亲朋戚友期待不已。然而,烹饪开斋节必备的传统佳肴往往是相当耗时的,一家之主可能需要半天才能熬出理想中的味道。因此,Philips 配合佳节而借用现代科技之力以协助马来西亚人守护预备传统美食的文化,它在今天推出了新一代的 Philips 全合一电压力锅。斋戒月和开斋节无疑是与家人及朋友欢聚和享受健康美食的最佳时刻,一般上,马来西亚人乐于趁着佳节大块朵颐享受各种色香味美的家常马来风味如 rendang,咖喱和汤。但是,这些传统佳肴的烹饪过程却是相当耗时和可能需要好几个小时才可能煮出恰到好处的美味。秉承我们协助人们改善生活的使命,Philips 马来西亚希望协助您既能守住传统又能更方便地烹调开斋和佳节美食,同时也让您有更多宝贵时间陪伴家人,” Philips 驻马来西亚经理 Muhammad Ali Jaleel 说道。
“我们配合推出新的 Philips 全合一电压力锅而与名厨 Marina Mustafa 携手合作,这是因为她擅长以非常创新的方式预备健康味美的家常传统佳肴。她同意我们的看法,即应该让消费人更简易享受到美味又健康的美食。通过新的 Philips 全合一电压力锅,这一切肯定是办得到的,” Ali 补充道。Philips 新一代全合一电压力锅具备智能烹饪系统的新一代 Philips 全合一电压力锅予以一种完全度身定制的烹调体验,让您可只凭一台电器就能慢煮或压力煮法。您亦可采用它来煎炒,烧烤,烘焙,再加热和加温你的饭菜。该 Philips 全合一电压力锅可让您下厨更快八倍,节省时间和精力。它的压力煮功能附有多种食谱按钮以烹饪和蒸熟各种佳肴如汤,烩饭和白饭乃至鸡肉和其他肉类,以及烘焙蛋糕。Philips 全合一电压力锅的铝合金内锅很耐用且更有效导热以获取更透彻且均匀的烹饪效果。它拥有一种特别的 Whitford 涂层而能防刮及不粘。通过其容易编程的计时器以显示烹饪进度,在下厨时猜测佳肴几时烧好的时间的日子已成为过去。为了让您高枕无忧,新一代 Philips 全合一电压力锅拥有九个安全保护系统和备有一个微晶片控制的压力调节器。在烧好佳肴后,该压力调节器会自动开动以释放压力,因此,用户无需以人工方式释放压力或等待压力随着锅冷却而正常降低。您将可享受从锅里取出的热腾腾美味家常佳肴!


仅以 RM799 推荐零售价出售的 Philips 全合一电压力锅(HD2137/62)现于 Publika购物中心和谷中城的 The Gardens,皆位于吉隆坡,新山 Sutera Mall;八打灵再也 Menara Axis 和槟城的 Philips 体验店,以及全国各地的零售伙伴和分销商店出售。它也通过 Blip.my Lazada Philips 官方商店http://www.lazada.com.my/philips-official-store/ 在线售卖。欲知详情,请浏览 www.philips.com.my/pressurecooker

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