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Monday, July 17, 2017

Nona Manis 斑兰椰香小甜糕

I didn't know this Nona Manis kuih until my hubby brought back home from office. It seem this kuih is quite popular now. It tasted like kuih talam, nice and sweet pandan layer. salty coconut filling , just a perfect combo! This kuih took me 2nd trial to achieve its cute look!

When my SIL from Kuantan gave me a set of red plastic cups  (she said kuih is easy to remove using this cup), so i quickly use it to try out this Nona Manis.

There are 3 batters to prepare for this kuih.. I have to modified the online recipe, as when i first tried this recipe, the coconut filling kind of too watery, so it couldn't sink at the centre like it supposed to look like. Both custard have to be in the right texture, then the white coconut filling only can be set at the centre. Here is my modified recipe

Batter (A) - White coconut filling.

When you see the custard stick on the side of the pan, you can remove it from the heat and let it sit to cool down, as custard will further thicken after cooled down.

Batter (B)

Batter (C)  Pandan custard - I didn't add green food colouring since this is meant for home consumption. If you want to let it look more green and nicer like that one selling outside, your choice to drop in green food colouring at this stage.

Combine B + C

Fill two custards into plastic cups

Keep it chill, so yummy!

Nona Manis  斑兰椰香小甜糕
*makes 30pcs

1 cup thick coconut milk (~220g)
1tbsp all purpose flour
1tsp corn flour
3/4tsp salt


1 egg, large or A size
70g caster sugar
1 cup coconut milk (~220g)
130g all purpose flour

½ cup coconut milk
½ cup pandan water (blend 75g pandan leaves with 1 cup water, keep the balance)
50g caster sugar
20g corn flour
A pinch of salt

Plastic mini steaming cups, or tea cups (grease it)
A squeeze bottle


  1. 1.      Mix all ingredients (A) in a saucepan, cook over medium low heat till the batter thicken. Set aside to cool down.
  2. 2.      Mix all ingredients (B) in a mixing bowl, stir till no lumps , strain the batter, set aside.
  3. 3.      Mix all ingredients (C) in a saucepan, cook over medium low heat till the batter thicken. Remove from the heat then slowly add batter (B) into batter (C), gradually add and stir to combine well. Do not add batter at one go.
  4. 4.      Pour the pandan batter into the prepared steaming cups, fill about ¾.
  5. 5.      Fill coconut custard (A) into a squeeze bottle, squeeze the custard into the centre of pandan custard, squeeze until the coconut custard is sink inside the pandan custard.
  6. 6.      Steam over low heat for 15mins , cool down on a wire rack.
  7. 7.      Remove kuih once it is completely cool down.  Chill it in the fridge before serve.

Recipe reference: here, tested and modified by Nasi Lemak Lover


PH said...

Sedap leh! I can eat many many :)

ann low said...

I've never tried this kuih before but looks really cute and delicious!

Anonymous said...

plastic cups can be steamed?

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