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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Natural Yeast made with Apple Yeast Water 苹果天然酵母酵種

After i gaining more experiences with making sourdough and soft bread using natural yeast from sourdough starter , then i promised myself to try back apple yeast water which i tried few years back. At that time i didn't continue as i was lacking of experiences and guidance. But today the trend of using natural yeast from sourdough starter or yeast water are increasing, more related information are available. Many people are trying to bake healthy bread for their own consumption that without any addition of chemical substances.

This time i prepared my own way of Apple yeast water then using this yeast water made into natural yeast or sourdough starter. Also i feel  the success rate of making natural yeast using yeast water is higher than just made with flour and water , like my sourdough starter


有機苹果,切小块 150
有機砂糖 30
过滤水 500

1.  將所有材料放入乾淨玻璃罐中, 將材料搅拌均勻。加盖,静置。
2. 隔天,开始冒出小泡泡。將罐子晃動,以防出现霉菌。然后开罐, 譲空间进入。
3. 每天將罐子晃動和开罐至少2次。其间,你也可以聴到”沙沙”的声音。

Apple Yeast Water
150g organic apple, small cubes
30g organic sugar
500g filtered water
1 clean glass jar

1. Wash the apple, remove the core, retain the apple skin, then slice and cut into cube size.
2. Day 1. Put all ingredients and cover with the lid, shake the container and let them mix well, put in a shady place ( I place inside kitchen cabinet).
3. Day 2- Day 6. Shake and open the container at least 2times a day. This is to prevent apple getting moldy and let the gas released. You can see bubbles formed and also able to hear sizzling sound.
4. On the day 7, apple yeast water is ready to make into natural yeast.

1. 放入50克苹果酵种和50克多用途面粉,搅拌均匀。放置到分量增至一倍大。
2. 將酵母倒出一半,在餵養50克苹果酵种和50克多用途面粉,搅拌均匀。放置到分量增至一倍大。
3. 重复此动作至少3-4次。过後,就可以用过滤水餵养。
4. 直至天然酵母可以在45个小时增至一倍大。天然酵母已经活跃,可以用来做面包。
5. 將酵母餵養到足夠做面包的份量,就可以用来做面包了。

Making natural yeast or starter

Unbleached all purpose flour
Apple yeast water
Filtered water

1.      Add 50g Apple Yeast water and 50g all purpose flour into a clean jar, stir to mix well. Using a rubber band to mark the original level. Place inside kitchen cabinet and let it ferment till next day.
2.      If you see the starter has risen double. Discard half of the starter, and add equal amount 50g of apple yeast water and all purpose flour, mix well and mark the level. Let it rise till double.
3.      Repeat the same steps 3-4 times. Then you can start feed the starter with filtered water instead of apple yeast water.
4.      Continue to feed the starter, until the starter able to rise double within 4-5 hrs, that means the starter is ready to use for making sourdough or soft bread.

Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover

This recipe also featured in a Chinese New Paper Sin Chew daily on 21/10/2017. I was happy to share this recipe, so more people able to bake healthy bread for their family.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Sonia! Would love to see more posts on sourdough soft breads from you😊

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful sharing. I am very interested in this natural yeast stater, may I know how to we keep the apple water? Ans how to we maintain the sourdough starter?

I love your recipes and your blog have help me produce wonderful result.

Would appreciate an reply and thank you in advance.

I am Ng by the way.

A Baker's Endeavours said...

Hi Sonia,

Congratulations on being featured on the newspaper. I started this apple yeast water immediately after reading your post. I hope this time I'll have better luck. I wasn't successful on my quest with the natural yeast starter using flour and water. Please also share recipes on how to bake a sourdough loaf. Thanks in anticipation.

Unknown said...

Wish to try to make my own bread one day. Sonia your recipe never fails us. Good job!

grub said...

Thank you for sharing the translated version of the recipe! When I saw it was featured in a Chinese newspaper in Malaysia (from your Instagram), I was tempted to contact my family abroad to secure me a copy!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Ng, sorry, i have missed your question . Did you meant how to keep ready apple yeast water? just keep in room temp when you have started to use them to make natural starter. After few feeds, you will almost use up the apple yeast water. If got balance then store in the fridge, you can add 1-2tbsp when you making bread . For feeding natural starter, you can feed once a week and keep them in the fridge. If i have time next time, i will try to write a post on how to maintain the natural starter as there are many ways to maintain it. Do drop me email if you have further question.

Ng Yoke Hing said...

thank you for replying. Will try doing your way and hopefully I can get a good result.

A Baker's Endeavours said...

Hi Sonia,

In reference to your answer to Ng, do we discard the chopped apple pieces while maintaining the apple yeast water at room temperature?

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

No just leave apples inside the jar

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonia, just want to know after u use the filtered water to feed the starter, it take how many days to get the starter able to rise double within 4-5 hour.
Thanks and looking forward to your reply


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Koh it depend how strong is the starter . If I could remember mine only take 1 day .

Anonymous said...

Dear Sonia

Can we still make natural yeast without filter water?


Unknown said...

Hello Sonia,
Thanks for the sharing. My sourdough starter mainly made from plain
flour & whole wheat, already 5 months old. Had been trying to use it
for baking asian buns but never succeed in making rustic bread.
Now I'm trying to make the raisin yeast version. My buns using sourdough starter are denser if compare to commercial yeast,
it is means that it's need to proof longer?
Sometimes I cheat a bit, using half sourdough starter, half yeast
if in hurry.
Appreciate your sharing & loves your recipe.
By the way, I name my sourdough starter, Burpy because they always
burps when I feed them, lol...

diu said...

Good afternoon, I wonder what the multi-faceted flour would be, and mixed with what flour? In the translation I made, it tells me when the yeast is rotting, I do not understand, I could clarify these two doubts, because I would like to use this yeast. thanks.

smithendy@gmail.com said...

I like apples evry much. I need to get new recepie and be pleased with it. I have the things likke that and I am pleased.future simple tense with rules and examples Great to have it.

CT said...

Hello Sonia,

Thank you for sharing. I have been using starter dough (made from yeast, sugar, flour and water and leave it overnight) to make pau lately. I wonder is this the same as sourdough starter. I wanted to use the starter dough to make more different things. I only know how to use it to make pau and I keep feeding the starter dough until I have to discard some if I don’t use it frequently. I would like to seek your advise.... Is there any different recipe that I can search on how to make use of the starter dough into making different type of baking. For example an I use this to make Chinese cullers.... and how much starter dough to use.... how to measure how much starter dough to use. I have search online for some ideas but mostly is for making pau (which is most popular search). I look forward to her from you. Thank you.

Sean Parker said...

I used to eat apple yeast daily, as prescribed by the doctor.
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Brownie said...

Sonia thanks for the recipe . I have 2 questions. 1 ) regarding discarding the half of Starter . Is this the one time process ? 2) Do we add in the flour when we start feeding the starter with distilled water. 3) can we cover the tops with cheese cloth? Thsnks

Hookup Agency said...
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Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Mixue, yes you can , let water sit in room temp overnight before use

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Michelle, yes you need longer proofing time if you use sourdough starter . Unless your starter is young and active(no sour) then you can add more starter to speed up the proofing time .

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

CT, yes your starter is so called sweet starter . Ya there are not many recipes using sourdough starter. You can just experiment yourself , just use certain % of starter to replace flour and water from the original recipe . As for the %, it depend your starter is young and active or not (no sour) then you can use more %.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Silik , no is not one time discard , do it few times until you get active starter . Yes when feeding , just add flour abc water .yes you can cover with cheese cloth.

Unknown said...

Hi Sonia, for the second stage of making starter using apple yeast, May I know how many days did it take for your starter to raise between 4-5 hours as you had mentioned above . Tq

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Grap grackle, if I could remembered it only took 2days

Unknown said...

Thanks .. meaning that I might need to redo the apple yeast .. 😬

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