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Friday, November 10, 2017

Ayam Masak Merah / Malay Spicy Tomato Chicken 马来式番茄辣椒鸡

I love Ayam masak merah !! I have been cooking this nice flavorful Malay dish but have yet to update a proper recipe (brief old recipe in 2009 !!) on my blog. Nice aroma turmeric fried chicken in spicy, hint of sour from tomato and lemongrass sauce, so good !

Just served with Asian salad (Carrot, cucumber, onions ) like this , so satisfy !! I also like to serve it with tomato rice, yum...

Ayam Masak Merah / Malay Spicy Tomato Chicken 马来式番茄辣椒鸡

1kg chicken, cut into small sizes
1 and 1/4tsp salt
1/2tsp turmeric powder

To blend
10g dried chili, soak in hot water to shorten
3 shallots , sliced
2 garlic , sliced
1" ginger , sliced

1 small cinnamon
2 lemongrass , smash
½ onion, sliced

1/2 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup tomato ketchup
1/2 cup +1/4cup water
Salt and sugar to taste

1.      Marinate chicken with salt and turmeric powder for at least 1hr.
2.      Deep fry chicken till just cooked, set aside.
3.      Heat oil in wok, sauté blended paste till aroma , add in cinnamon and lemongrass, mix well.
4.      Add in fried chicken and onions, mix well. Pour in coconut milk , water and tomato ketchup.
5.      Season with salt and sugar, continue cook it till sauce thicken.
6.      Serve warm with rice. Enjoy!

Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover


Amie said...

Hai Sinoa,
lama saya tak singgah di dapur Sonia. Hari ini sangat bertuah dapat jamu mata dengan hidangan yang sungguh lazat nih! Nak bawa balik sepinggan nasi tomato dengan ayam masak merah! Acar timun itu pun....terliur!

Jennifer said...

Hi, Sonia!

Your spicy tomato chicken looks delish! Is it ok to try it with Malaysian curry powder instead of turmeric? It's what I have right now. Thanks for sharing your recipe and more power!



Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Amie, Thanka for dropping by.

Jenny, should be ok but put a bit , otherwise you can just omit .

Unknown said...

I don't eat chicken because I'm a vegan but the sauce looks interesting and I just might have to try and make a tofu version of this! Thanks for the idea! I hopped over from another blog.
Jennifer @ http://MyBlissfulJourney.com

cherylthinktank said...

Hi Sonia, it's me Cheryl! Funny I suddenly thought of you and was wondering how you are doing. I love ayam masak merah... I might give this a try :-)

p/s: Wished you had a Facebook account for nasilemaklover too, I'm mostly there these days :D

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Anonymous said...

This is my favorite. In the 80s, I used to patronise Nasi Tomato Ismalia located at Taman Sardon, Penang. Missed it so much. I wonder whether they are still in business or otherwise.

Sean Parker said...
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Sean Parker said...

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