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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival Home BBQ Party

The best way to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival to is gather all family members to relax and enjoy grill foods. We had a wonderful Mid-Autumn festival BBQ party on last week.

BBQ party was meant for the kids, in order for them to easy grill the foods, i use skewers to hold all the foods. I cut all foods into small pieces and skew them into skewers.. So i was busy from morning till evening just to make foods into skewers..


Kids were busy to light up lanterns

Lanterns with cartoon characters


I still prefer this old-fashioned paper lanterns..This also reminded me when i was a kid,  I use condensed milk tin to make DIY lantern, hehehe..

BBQ item- traffic light peppers and mushrooms


Lemongrass prawns- marinated with grated lemongrass, fish sauce and sugar


Curry squids- marinate with curry powder, light soy sauce and salt

Nam Yu  (red fermented soy bean paste) pork slices -marinate with Nam Yue, pepper, light soy sauce


Assorted sausages, and Taiwnese sausage with pineapples (this was good too !)


Chicken meat wrapped with Bacon

Zespri Kiwifruit, Glass noodles and Chicken salad, so refreshing and good (please refer recipe in next post)


Few items that i forgot to take pictures (i was too busy,sorry)..
1. Saba fish,,grill using charcoal fire to perfection, simply awesome!
2. Lychee and Lime Soda drink- my daughter and her friend offered themself to help me prepare this drink. Another refreshing drink and perfect to serve with grilled foods..
3. Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake) 日式烧饼(大阪烧) - I was like a chef, prepare this in front of the kids, and they were so excited when i made the pattern on the pancake ^_^
4. My mon's fried chicken wings - will share recipe next time
5. My sister prepared Chinese popiah (crepes with mix vegetables), it was good too.


My little son Desmond together with his best friend, "dua kawan baik", ^_^



The item most well received by all kids was the chocolate fondue..
Cooking chocolate sauce over double-boiled - dark chocolate, milk chocoalate, milk and whipping cream


My SIL Annie gave me this chocolate fondue set about a year plus ago, i just got the opportunity to use it, Thanks Annie!


I bake a cheddar cheese cake and it was perfect to dip it with chocolate sauce..will share the recipe once i bake again this cheesecake..




Mel said...

Wah, the mid autumn party must be full of delicious BBQ food. The Glass Noodle/Chicken Salad can wrapped in to the Vietnamese Rice Paper hoh....

Alice said...

waaaaa what a feast! thks for sharing the kiwi salad too, i have to make before kiwi out of season :)

sabrina 莎莎 said...

很喜欢您家的聚会 =)

Jessie-CookingMoments said...

Very good atmosphere, home gathering which means you would tire of cooking, washing & cleaning too! Love the chocolate strawberry!

CQUEK said...

Yum! Looks absolutely scrumptious. And, as always your photos make the food look so tempting.

mui mui said...

I love this kind of family and friends gathering too. Have so many thing to chat and to share while BBQ..ing and eating...hehe
Kiwi, glass noodles salad sounds so refreshing and nice..^^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Nowadays the lantern are very cute...

Ling yuen chin said...

So lovely!

Li Shuan said...

wah sangat happy yo...especially Desmond and Kwan baik.
Friend, how come I can see ur cupcake photos on my side...salah tekan ?

Ana Regalado said...

Looks like everybody had a blast at your Mid-Autumn Festival bbq party ! Delicious spread , Sonia ! Can't see your cupcakes post .....

Unknown said...

Food feast...nice family gathering

PH said...

Sonia, what a fantastic party! I like the idea of using skewers and then the guests can sendiri masak-masak. Your son and his fren look so cute!

Lori said...

That looks like one delicious bbq! I wish we had better access to squid. I would love to try it grilled like that. The lanterns are so pretty!

Yee's Corner said...

Awesome! What's great feast for such family gathering ! I love BBQ & I really miss those teenager years having all sort of meat & seafood for BBQ! Well done Sonia! Your family surely felt so loved by such great time you organised !

Sweet Baby Shop said...
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Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Sounds like you had a really nice family time with delicious food to eat non-stop!! Angry bird lantern? Haha I bet kids would love those!

Dione Drabble said...
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waldosbarbeque.com/ said...
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Unknown said...

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jade said...

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