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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chinese New Year Delights 2013_round up (8)

Frankly i have not reviewed all entries submitted to me, because i am very very busy making cookies, CNY preparation and compile the round up post..But i promised i will go through each of the post when i am free during CNY.
Here comes the round up (8), this time is 50 entries, so total now is 220 entries..i am still compiling new entries..

p/s Sorry, i might have missed some of your entry. Please alert me if i have missed your entry, after 4 days you have submitted to me..
Choo Doris (Sumptuous Flavours)-Sesame biscuits

雷切儿 (Simple Life... Simple Love…)-花生角

Rimli Dey (Scratching Canvas)-Butter and Sugar Free Coffee Walnut Cake

tigerfish (An Escape to Food)-Steamed Ginger Scallions Shrimps/Prawns

Pet猫猫- 龙宝宝aka龙饼

Abigail Tan Su Lian (sulianmama 苏联妈妈)-杏仁饼 almond cookies

MEL LEE (Through The Kitchen Door )-Kumquat Nastar Rolls

from non blogger- Kelly Cheng-杏仁圆饼


Reference: Kathrine Kwa - She posted her recipe on facebook
Website: https://www.facebook.com/#!/kathrine.kwa







from non blogger- Kelly Cheng-花生餅


Reference: Kathrine Kwa
Website: https://www.facebook.com/#!/kathrine.kwa







from non blogger- Kelly Cheng-檸檬杏仁曲奇餅 Lemon Almond Cookies

檸檬杏仁曲奇餅 Lemon Almond Cookies Reference: 基絲汀@簡易食譜

Website: http://www.christinesrecipes.com/2013/01/lemon-almond-cookies.html#more


無鹽牛油unsalted butter 100g

幼砂糖 65克

雞蛋 1pc

中筋粉(plain flour / all-purpose flour)175g

粟粉(Corn starch) 35g


泡打粉(baking powder) 1/4teaspoon

鹽 1/8teaspoon

杏仁碎 (Almond ground) 20g

金砂糖 (demerara sugar) 2tablespoon (I do not put)

Kelly Cheng-黄梨饼


食谱取自:Nasi Lemak Lover


牛油 350g

罐装炼乳 100g(Sonia 用F&N牌子,我用红字牌炼乳)

面粉 510g

蛋黄 2个

黄梨馅 700g







from non blogger- Kelly Cheng-德国酥饼 German Butter Cookies

德国酥饼 German Butter Cookies

Reference: Min's blog , Website: http://sze-min.blogspot.sg/p/chinese-new-years-cookies.html

A: 牛油 250g ,糖粉 80g

B: 马铃薯粉 250g 面粉 100g 罂粟子 少许

1. 把牛油和过筛的糖粉用搅拌机搅匀。

2. 加入马铃薯粉, 面粉和罂粟子拌匀成面团。

3. 把面团揉成小粒, 再用叉子稍微压扁。

4. 放进预热170'C 的烤箱烤15-20 分钟。

Kelly Cheng-牛油曲奇餅 Butter cookies 

牛油曲奇餅 Butter cookies 

Reference:Christine's Recipes: Easy Chinese Recipes
Website: http://www.christinesrecipes.com/2012/08/butter-cookies.html


中筋粉 150g

粟粉 30克

吉士粉 20g

無鹽牛油 160g

糖霜 50g

Vanilla extract (可不加) 1/4茶匙

Baking powder 1茶匙


預熱焗爐至 180C / 356F. 預備兩個鋪上烘培紙 (baking paper) 的焗盤。



篩入各種麵粉和泡打粉。先用低速拌勻。用膠刮把盤邊的麵粉刮下拌勻。用手輕輕捏成麵團。放置在一大塊保鮮膜中,覆蓋著滾成直徑約3½cm 之長條。包好,放入雪櫃(fridge)中冷藏15至20分鐘,稍轉硬身,可操作的狀態。

拿出雪櫃後,用刀把麵團長條切開約 1½cm厚度的小塊。切口向上放置在焗盤上面。用叉在表面輕壓出花紋。放入已預熱的焗爐中,焗約15分鐘,轉淡金黃色,即成。拿出焗爐,留曲奇餅在焗盤上靜置5分鐘。把曲奇餅轉至一鐵架上,待完全放涼。

from non blogger- Kelly Cheng- 绿豆饼


Reference: Kathrine Kwa
Website: https://www.facebook.com/#!/kathrine.kwa





Mung bean cookies
Ingredients :500g mung bean flour, 150g plain flour,200g icing sugar,150g corn oil,3 tbsp water


1) Mix the mung bean flour,plain flour and icing sugar ,sieve into mixing bow.Add in corn oil, and mix well, then add in water to form flour crumbs .

2) Fill the mixture into the mould firmly, press tightly till level and knock to remove the cookies from mould. Arrange them on a baking tray,bake in the preheated oven at 160 for 20 - 25 minutes.

Baby Sumo (Eat Your Heart Out - Goodyfoodies)-Pan fried nian gao with freshly grated coconut

MosQ 蚊子(蚊子的天空)-春卷( spring roll)

Aunty Young-松茸石榴包(Fortune Tofu Bags)

Kimmy (Cooking Pleasure)-Dates [Kurma] Cookies

Kimmy (Cooking Pleasure)-Rosette Custard Butter Cookies

Kimmy (Cooking Pleasure)-Lemon Apricot Cookies

Lily's wai sek hong and Lily's wai sek hong favorites-Shitake Dongpo with Mui Choy

Edith ( Rumbling Tummy)-Melt in the mouth Pineapple Tart

Ann (Anncoo Journal)-Green Pea Cookies

Phong Hong Bakes-Crispy Tofu Puff Meatballs

Cheah (No-Frills Recipes)-Braised spare ribs with mushroom and oyster

Veronica (Minty's Kitchen)-Chocolate Almond Cookies

Esther Lau (Copycake kitchen)-Almond Cookies (杏仁饼干)

CC (Dumpling Love)-Mixed berries muffins

Angel ( Cook.Bake.Love)-Butter Garlic Prawns (Using Happycall) 牛油蒜茸虾

Cass Tan (揾到食)-新式葡国鱼(Braised Stingray In Special Curry tomato Sauce)

Cass Tan (揾到食)-腊味五香眉豆糕 (Steamed White Bean Cake)

雷切儿 (Simple Life... Simple Love…)-芝麻巧果

Vivian Pang Kitchen-Crunchy Almond Cookies杏仁脆饼

Vivian Pang Kitchen-Brown Butter Chocolate Cookies

Jan ( Smiley Baker)-Prosperity Roll

from non blogger- - Sharon Teo zuo ling-Healthier Pineapple tart

 Healthier Pineapple tart

140g butter cubes

85g cake flour

85g whole wheat flour

10g ground almond (Pre fried)

1 tbsp milk powder

30g icing sugar

1 egg yolk

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Glazing: egg yolk + 1 tsp water

Store brought pineapple filling


1) sift all flour, milk powder and icing sugar. Add in ground almond

2) rub in butter with fork to resemble bread crumb

3) mix vanilla essence in egg yolk and pour in to breadcrumb mixture to form into dough. * no kneading

4) put in the refrigerator for one hour & Pre roll all the jam filling

5)Pre heat oven at 180 c

6) roll out the dough between two floured plastic and print out tart. Repeat until dough finish

7) blush tart with egg yolk and put a jam on top

8) put in oven for 15 to 20 min or until golden brown.

9) remove and cool
Min's Blog-酥脆方形杏仁饼 Crispy Almond Square Cookies

Min's Blog-代表新年の花生饼 Peanut Cookies

Kit ( I-Lost in Austen)-Mung Bean Biscuits aka Luk Tau Paeng

Xinghui (美味情缘)-笑哈哈甜酸虾

Ching (Little Corner of Mine)-Peanut Butter Oat Squares

abbymnster-夏威夷豆饼 Macadamia Nut Cookies

Sue ( CookingMomster)-Ngaku Chips

雷切儿 (Simple Life... Simple Love…)-酥皮香辣虾米角

Jessie Ng (Jessie-Cooking Moments)-锦鲤鱼果冻 Koi Fish Jelly

Esther (the fuss free chef)-Char Siu

Mich (Piece of Cake)-Traditional Kueh Lapis

MEL LEE (Through The Kitchen Door )-Barazek (Pistachio & Sesame Seeds Cookies)

Aunty Young-红麴扇子饼干(Red Fermented Rice Fan Cookies)

May Law (厨苑食谱)-杏仁奶油饼干(Almond Butter Cookies)


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