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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Curry Laksa

Never cook curry laksa before, trying to search in all blogs, finally got the recipe from "Twister" - Thanks Twister.

I followed exactly to Twister''s recipe, but I change prawn to char siew (like hawker style) and also add in curry powder to get the curry taste ( noticed Twister recipe didn't add in curry powder, when 1st time I tried without curry powder, it didn't taste like curry laksa, more to assam laksa version). Due to healthy issue, I didn't add much of coconut milk, so the soup is quite clear and can't compare with outside hawker stall, but at least it is healthy lor.

I even garnish it with Mint leaf.


Emily said...

Hi Sonia,

I have a surprise for you at my blog! Reason? for being such an ardent fan of bento!

Unknown said...

Hi, Sonia...I m Jessie...
Can I hv ur recipe on Curry Laksa?

wendysin1970@hotmail.com said...

Hi,why cant i view Twister blog?
How can i view the Ipoh style of Koay Tew Soup?
Thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

This blog is so stupid posting pictures without recipes. If you don't want the readers to know the your recipes you shouldn't have a food blog, Stupid,

Jacque från Sweden

Mee said...

Guys Twister's blog seems to be invitation only, so that's why we can't see it. Sonia, mind sharing the recipe?

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