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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nasi Lemak again !!!

Weekly, I will prepare nasi lemak for dinner at least once. Actually my nasi lemak version is healthy version, no coconut milk add into the rice, just pandan leaf, ginger slide and sea salt.

This time, I have grilled squid "sotong", sambal with onion (my daughter love the onion so much), and the rest.

Thinking to put a photo on my blog, of course, I will not put mine( pai sei), thinking to put my kids, still searching for the best photo....


Emily said...

Share lah, recipe for the sotong sambal!

Good idea for making a healthy nasi lemak!

Emily said...

Correction: Grilled sotong ~ how do you grill the sotong? over charcoal?

Your sambal is plain with just onions?

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

All I did was the simple way, marinate sotong with serai, ginger, garlic and onion ( blend it first) and salt, grill it on the gas stove using a nonstick pan..
As for the sambal, lagi simple, I use the leftover sambal ( when i bought nasi lemak from outside stall, ask them to pack sambal separately), reheat it and just add big onion slices...
Simple kah?

Emily said...

Thank you for the sotong recipe!

The second recipe I have also tried before, many times! hahahaha!

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