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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lin Heung Tea House(Dim Sum), Hong Kong

Dim Sum is one of the food that in my HKG must-try list. Before I go Hong Kong, check out few websites to look for an authentic Hong Kong yum cha place, and I saw Precious Pea recommended Lin Heong Tea House.
We took this dim sum before we heading to Disneyland since we have to take MTR from Central station where this tea house is located.

2 IMG_0992

See the busy crowd !!! we have to find our own tables, and have to share with others
2 IMG_0985

First come with Char Siew Pau ( I forgot to order their famous chicken bun as I totally forgot this hot item), anyway, this is the best Char Siew Pau I ever had, very nice.

2 IMG_0993

Kids requested to order this sweet type of kuih, normal only..

2 IMG_0996

"Mar Lai" kuih, quite good, but I still prefer the "Gula Melaka" type which selling in wet market here

2 IMG_0995

Thinking to try the usual Sui Mai, Har Kau &etc, but we did not see the aunties pushing trolley with all these items, no choice, we just grapped this Teochew style of kuih, and to our surprise, this was delicious !!!

Finally we realized that we have to run to those aunties and take the famous dim sum by ourself, do not wait for them to pushing the trolley to your table as this will not happen..

2 IMG_0994

"Chee Cheong Fun" with just added some light soy sauce, a bit plain, and the skin is not as "Q" as like those we take in Dim Sum restaurant here, also without sambal dried prawn which is my favorite, quite normal..

2 IMG_0998

This is good, meat and prawn wrapped with beancurd sheet.

2 IMG_1000

After my husband's hard work, finally he managed to get this Siu Mai, and this simply delicious !!!

2 IMG_1001

I did not have chance to try my favorite black bean pork ribs, Har Kau & etc as we need to heading to the Disneyland. If I have chance to visit Hong Kong again, I must come to this tea house again to try my favorite dim sum. This is certainly a good place to try authentic Hong Kong dim sum.

2 IMG_1002

Lin Heung Tea house is located at:-

G/F, 160-164, Wellington street, Central, Hong Kong.


米亚 said...

I am the first!!! Hooray! This looks really good! Did you have har kau too??? Wellington street shouldnt be too hard to find... i will definitely try this next trip... thanks sonia...!

Palidor said...

All those dishes look delicious. And WOW! They are ginormous! I'm marveling at how big the char siu and ma lai koh are.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Dim sum is one of my favourite...

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Mia, yes, you are the first. but no dim sum here, you have to go HKG to take your own dim sum, hahaha..I wanted Har kau, but waited for too long, and give up due to running out of time.

Palidor, actually they are not that big, only photo effect..

somewhere in Singapore, me too.

Bakeling said...

Siu mai is my favourite dim sum . I like the last photo and it tell us how crowded HK is !

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

HKG dim sum the best! I think if it was me, I would just eat and forget about taking photos! ;P

Colin Woon said...

Oooo...this photos definitely makes me hungry! Especially that "Char Siew Pau" since it's the best you ever had! Must be really good!

We have to share table with other too when we had dim sum in HK last time. Definitely an interesting experience.

My Little Things Corner said...

yes, one of the things must try in Hk...dim sum. Last time i took at 皇廷, not bad too.

Nina said...

How many beautiful dishes!? I just wish I can have one bite of each!!! :)))

Cheryl said...

What a coincidence, we visited HK last month too! We had dimsum at Times Square. But your photos are making me wish I tried this one in Central as well :D

LianneK said...

I agreeee .. the dimsum looks good and you have to return again to try more! You lucky girl ...

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Bakeling,not last photo but 2nd photo, hohoho..

The Little Teochew, Because I have a mission to accomplish, share photos to all of you, no choice, hehehe..

Colin, but this place was very busy and crowded, due to their good dim sum kua.

My little thing corner, HK has the best dim sum.

Cheryl, what a coincidence !!! you should try this place, they have very nice dim sum.

Lianne, Thanks for stopping by.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Nina, Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

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