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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lunch and Dinner on 1st Day, Hong Kong

1) quick lunch at a restaurant nearby the hotel we stayed.

- Fried rice with beef, full of " wok hei", simply delicious !!!

IMG_0539 1

- Normal Cantonese style of noodle, not bad..

1 IMG_0540

-Fish ball noodle soup, this was bad, the fish ball has kind of smell..

IMG_0538 1

2) Dinner at 食通天(Food Forum) at Times Square.At first we were thinking to take dinner at 小南國 (Mia recommended) but it was fulled. No choice, we went to next restaurant 玉桃苑 The Graces Garden which serve Teochew sytle of dishes, it was totally no customer at that time, we were curious whether the food there will be nice or not, but due to super hungry after the whole day walked, we went in.

- First come with fish soup, very fresh and nice.

1 IMG_0636

-This was the best Teochew style of braised goose 鹵水鵝肉I have ever had, super delicious.

1 IMG_0642

- Kids love this fried fish, just a simple fried fish with light soy sauce, but why it tasted so delicious, I think they use premium soy sauce, and dip the fried fish with mayo, simply delicious. I will try to cook this at home one day.

1 IMG_0641

- In Hong Kong, definitely must eat this Hong Kong veggie, we ordered this veggie in almost all our meals in Hong Kong

1 IMG_0640

-Stir fried Beef with "Kailan" veggie, not bad too.

1 IMG_0638

- The Graces Garden restaurant at 時代廣場食通天 Times Square (Food Forum)

1 IMG_0645

**The bill came about HKD500 (~RM 250), very reasonable price, and the staffs there are friendly and good service


My Little Things Corner said...

sonia, last time i also had try the fish ball noodle but different restaurant, the fish ball also very bad! Local one more nice...maybe i still not try the best one in HK yet...hahaha

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

WOW WOW ! I'll eat till I drop with all these delicious food , the fried rice looks so delicious and the veggies are so tempting too !

Reanaclaire said...

not too expensive, knowing that it is in HK.. if local, it will not come to that price, right? i love the goose meat...:)

米亚 said...

oh yum!!! It is a bit sad that the shanghai restaurant is fully booked cause their dishes are very good too! I should try this restaurant since the pro gave such positive comments of the food from this place... ! Thanks Sonia!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

My little things corner, ya lor, maybe we have not try the best one in HK.

A full-timed housefly, ya, the fried rice is super nice.

renaaclaire, if local, I think just half of the price kua, after came back from Hong Kong, I found everything also cheap here, hehehe..

Mia, ya lor, too bad huh, kids couldn't wait because at that time we were super hungry, grap anything just available. Luckily, this restaurant was good, I have link your post about Shanghai restaurant in this post, just now no time to look for your previous post, sorry ya.

LianneK said...

Hongkong is just one of those country whereby whatever food you pick or choose, will never go wrong. A real food heaven. Have fun!

Palidor said...

Ooh, smelly fish balls aren't good. Everything else looks really tasty! I'm so glad that you are having a good time and eating such yummy food!

Bakeling said...

The fried rice ,卤水鹅肉,and the fish looks delicious although I didn't taste it . These three dishes is just enough for a luxurious meal for me !

Little Corner of Mine said...

The fried rice looks divine. Are those beansprouts on the pan-fried noodle? Is it only beansprout and mushroom? I love HK Kailan too, we can buy it here.

Jane Chew said...

Sonia, if convert to AUD is just $80. Wah SUPER cheap man. I cant have so many variety of food of paying only $80 here. But last trip i went HK, one 烧鹅腿 cost me RM45 lei. Did u tried the 臭豆腐?:)

Beachlover's Kitchen said...

all the food you eat look good to me!! now make me hungry at this hour:( not bad the price especially in HK..I and Mishu both eat at Dragon Boat in the middle of ocean...a small plate sui yoke ,2 bowls white rice and a plate of tofu,and a teapot of tea.Cost me a bomb!!almost HK300!!

Colin Woon said...

You just make me drool and hungry with all these delicious looking food photos! Aiii...how I wish I can taste it too!

The fried rice definitely have enough "wok hei", ha!

Tina said...

Beef fried rice looks mouthwatering and nice clicks too...

Canary said...


Blessed Homemaker said...

I thought it was just me when I ate their fishballs and found it fishy. Maybe I'm so used to our local fishballs :P

Hope you've had a great time with your family :)

Pete said...

Wow, Teowchew style braised goose...wonder whether can get the same type in local restaurant.

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

Food!!! Good food is half the holiday fun. What a meal!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Dear all, ya, HK has a lot of good foods.

3 hungry tummies said...

The food looks good especially the fried rice!

pigpigscorner said...

I would love some of that fried rice!

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