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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kōdaiji 高台寺,where to get pickled sakura (1)

After 二年坂/三年坂, we were walked along ねねの道 (Nene no Michi) before reach to next temple  Kōdaiji 高台寺. This Japanese garden was inside an old Japanese house along ねねの道 ..


We saw this rickshaw puller with his lady passengers


I noticed even just manhole cover, they also done it so beautiful..





Now we reached the entrance of Kōdaiji 高台寺






I was very impressed with this sand craft into a dragon and cloud. 

This little moutain of sand represented as "Cloud"

We were sat here enjoying the sand craft and this beautiful garden




After came out from 高台寺,  we noticed this shop selling pickled sakura.


At first, i only bought two packets from this shop but when i realized that two was not enough, and we went back again to this shop at the last day in Kyoto, but too bad, it was closed on that day..Anyway, i managed to get from a market nearby , will share in next post. But i feel the pickled sakura sell in this shop has better quality. Next time if you were there, don't behave like me, buy as many as you can ,hehehe..


This map is another part of the earlier map..see where to get the picked sakura.



Ana Regalado said...

Another lovely photos , Sonia ! Love the Japanese Architecture ! Even that manhole is stare-worthy ! lol That sand garden looks awesome !

Mel said...

So beautiful, well kept and clean their country! They are so well educated to keep the environment clean. Lovely photos!

Diane said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful place. Take care Diane

Li Shuan said...

Ohhh...thank u very much for sharing this. As usual beautiful pics I really enjoy reading ur post. Love the zen garden too. I asked my Japanese colleague see whether she knows about the pickle Sakura.. Hehe ..she said she never came across thing like that ???

Baby Sumo said...

Gorgeous photos Sonia! How I wish to visit Japan now.

Joceline Lor said...


Nadji said...

Sonia mon amie, merci de partager cette ballade avec nous. C'est vraiment un moment de plaisir.
See soon.

鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said...


Anonymous said...

another great photos of yours... thanks a lot for sharing. i love reading your post

shan said...


PH said...

Beautiful pictures. Makes me want to go there someday.

makcikmanggis said...

wow best & seronoknya :)..cantik sungguh gambar gambar yang Sonia ambil.Suka tengok pasir tu!

My Little Space said...

Frankly, I felt really peaceful after looking at those picutres of yours. Well, this is what we called breath taking environment. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great week ahead, dear.

QembarDelites said...

nice photos, makes me want to go even more, but no traveling companion so sad :S At least get to see from your photos bits of Kyoto:) The pickled sakura sounds interesting

Jessie-CookingMoments said...

Dear, a lot of the shops here sell pickled sakura hoh?It must be their landmark pickled as I didn't see them in Tokyo, Asakusa, Yokohama & few cities in Hokkaido.Or may be I didn't pay enough attention at that time! Every part of the temple was well-maintained & I like the "Zen" garden very much!

Jes's Deli Corner said...

Their manhole are nicely done unlike in Msia which all got hole..

lena said...

everywhere looks so peaceful, beautiful and so clean!!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures Sonia! For a short stay, you did visit so many places - I'm impressed!

choi yen said...

the rickshaw puller is so thoughtful that he covered the laddies' leg with a cloth~

Anonymous said...

hi sonia..thanks for the info..my friend got it for me in kyoto..the market u mentioned in your earlier post...tks


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