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Friday, May 31, 2013

Macarons with Raspberries Jelly and Dark Chocolate Ganache

Every time before my daughter go to her best friend house, sure she will request me to bake some macaron as this is their favourite's sweet ! At first she chosen the Ispahan Macaron from the Pierre Herme Macarons book that I just bought recently. Before making macaron and realized that still lacking of canned lychee and white chocolate, so we drop the idea and came out with this new combination.

M4 copy

M copy

 This is not my first time trying PH macaron recipe. I have tried many times, but the outcome of every batch I made still not consistent ..some time it cracked, stick to the baking paper and no skirt formed.
This time, it seem came out perfect!  I adjusted few steps and have it recorded in below recipe, but I still no confidence whether my next batch will be the same result ! This little baby is hard to make!

M1 copy

Love this jelly idea from PH macaron book. This little cube of jelly like a gem in the macaron. I get my daughter to prepare this raspberris jelly, and now I realized that she did not weight the ingredients and have it recorded. So this jelly recipe is without measurements.

This is the first time I ate few macarons at one go after done (I guess after refrigerated for one night, it will even better ) . I love this combo, the sweetness is balance with the addition of dark chocolate and raspberries jelly ! Crispy&light shell and chewy & soft meringue texture, perfect!

M5 copy

Macarons with Raspberries Jelly and Dark Chocolate Ganache
Recipe source: Macaron shell recipe from Pierre Herme with minor changes, jelly and ganache recipe by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover)

Almond mixture
105g almond meal
M3 copy 100g icing sugar
40g aged egg whites

40g aged egg whites
100g caster sugar
25g water

Food colouring, pink

1. To age the egg white-separate egg white and egg yolk (keep egg yolk for other use). Keep egg white in a container and cover with a cling film. Store inside the fridge for 1 week.
2. Remove aged white eggs from fridge, let them return to room temperature.
3. Sift almond meal and icing sugar in a mixing bowl, set aside. Cook sugar and water until it reaches 118C.
4. When the syrup reaches 100C, start beat egg white until soft peaks at high speed (work with hand mixer speed 4)
5. When syrup reaches 118C, quickly pour it into egg whites on low speed.
6. Turn speed to high and beat meringue until stiff and glossy, takes about 2-3mins. While beating meringue, mix almond mixture with egg white and colouring, set aside.
7. Fold meringue into almond mixture, mix until it looks shinny and creamy. Tnnyhe batter should resemble slightly runny cake dough.
8. Place batter into a piping bag with a plain 1cm nozzle. Pipe dollops of batter onto a lined baking tray (line bottom with a template of circles ( 3.5cm circle and 2cm gap in between, then cover it with a sheet of non-stick baking paper). Lift a corner of the baking paper, slide out the macaron template, set aside to rest for 30mins.
9. Bake at a preheated oven at 150C (Grill function-top heat only) for 2-3mins at the lower rack (3rd steel bar from bottom) until you see a skin forms on the surface.
10. Turn on the oven fan, continue to bake at 150C for 11 - 12mins.
11. Remove from tray and let it rest on a rack to cool down before peel them off.

Raspberries jelly

fresh raspberries, chopped finely
caster sugar
lemon juices

gelatine powder


  1. Place chopped raspberries in a small pot, let it cook for 2-3 minutes or until thick.
  2. Adjust the taste with sugar and lemon juices accordingly.
  3. Adjust the thickness by adding water if necessary.
  4. Mix gelatin and water and melt it over a pot of simmering water.
  5. Add into raspberries compote, mix well.
  6. Let it cool and refrigerate overnight.
Dark Chocolate Ganache

50g dark chocolate (Lindt 70%)
45g whipping cream
10g butter


  1. Melt dark chocolate over a bowl of simmering water.
  2. Add in cream and butter, stir to combine well.
  3. Refrigerate before use
To assemble – Fill a piping bag that fitted with a plain nozzle with dark chocolate ganache. Cut raspeberry jelly into small cubes. Pipe a small dot of chocolate on to half the shell, place a cube of raspeberry jelly on top, then pipe chocolate ganache circle the jelly.Top with another macaron shell. Store the macarons in the fridge for 24hrs. Remove from the fridge for 30-60mins before eating.


eileenlml.blogspot.com said...

u remind me our count down gathering last year,
love this little sweet treat, but always fail and yours look great.

sabrina 莎莎 said...

好诱人的少女酥胸~~~ =P

Artsylicious said...

sonia, I miss your macaroon!!!! :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Makes me drooling...

Cat Chee said...


Hamaree Rasoi said...

Delicious and mouthwatering preparation.

MIKIKO said...


Little blue said...

Look pretty and colour also look nice, I haven't try this before. Last year go to Singapore with family, my sis bought some for my kids, both don't like the texture.

Mel said...

Your macaron looking so perfect and beautiful. You are getting very good in it. Aren't your daughter so lucky to have you?

mayck-law. Blogspot.com said...

我很久没做,不知还可以做到吗?? 哈哈。。

Sem said...

I always love the combo with Raspberry and chocolate.It look so beautiful.

Mich Piece of Cake said...

Raspberry Jelly and chocolate sounds like an amazing combination. The colour of the macaron is so pretty!

Unknown said...

Do think I can reduce the sugar? I've tasted macarons before...but it is too sweet for my liking... can i?

Karen said...

sonia, you are doing it so well, I've tried macrons but never try to make them. Yours really look so pretty :)

南海姑娘 Alice Lee Kitchen said...

Looks good must be taste nice. Love macaron but dare not eat so much, scare to put on weight...haha! Hubby always buy me even bring back all the way from Singapore most famous bakery shop in Marina Bay Sands.

makcikmanggis said...

i tak berani nak buat macaroon sebab dah banyak kali gagal tp nak buat jugak :(

Unknown said...


Awayofmind Bakery House said...

These macaroon is so beautifully baked, tempting me to eat but still not dare to try baking it again after many times of failures.

Anonymous said...

your macarons have feet like a model :D very nice!


Ana Regalado said...

Gahhhhh ! Now you made me think that it's time for me to make another attempt in making macs *sigh* Your macs are way too pretty ! Lovely flavor as well . Oh , would you mind throwing some of that ? lol

Esther Lau said...

Very sweet and lovely macarons! :)
With the raspberries Jelly and Dark Chocolate Ganache must be yummy!

PH said...

Sonia, your macarons are so pretty! This one I scared to make. Takut tak jadi :)

Queenie said...

Oh sonia! I salute la kat you... i pun macam PH, memang tak berani try ni..takut tak jadi!

i gerenti memang tak boleh jadi punya, I tak cukup sabar nak buat macarons...

Cass @ 揾到食 said...

Very beautiful. I have yet to try it :)

Jozelyn Ng said...

The macaron is so attractive, love the pink colour!

divya said...

tempting clicks,looks so irresistible.

Unknown said...

Beautiful!. I'd tried making macarons but failed miserably

Sokehah cheah said...

They look gorgeous, these macarons. I doubt I'll have the patience to try making them. Great clicks :)

ann low said...

These cute macarons are so pretty and sweet. Thumbs up!!

Joceline Lor said...


Li Shuan said...

Ohh these are PH macarons. You did it very well. Dark choc n raspberry filling is always my choice too

Amelia said...

Hi Sonia, your mac look so cute and pretty. Yours is perfect, well done. I like the lovely color.

Have a nice weekend.

Small Kucing said...

May I have one pls

Little Corner of Mine said...

OMG! Super delicious and love the color!

shan said...



Simple Person said...

Wow that's is nice
Macaroons really expensive

QembarDelites said...

I have given up on baking macarons lol! LIke you said, every batch came out with different results! Yours are lovely and the flavors sounds delicious!

QembarDelites said...

I have given up on baking macarons lol! LIke you said, every batch came out with different results! Yours are lovely and the flavors sounds delicious!

QembarDelites said...

I have given up on baking macarons lol! LIke you said, every batch came out with different results! Yours are lovely and the flavors sounds delicious!

Jessie-CookingMoments said...

Wow, from now on will be anticipating to see more macaron recipes from you, hopefully your girl will visit her best friend more often now, hehe! So even spreading the chocolate ganache & raspberry jelly also got technique one hoh? These macarons look very cute!

mui mui said...

Chi, these are pretty and lovely.
I have not tried baking these before.
I am a bit 'kiasu'heehee

My Little Space said...

haha...I think these babies have to depend on our mood as well. LOL ! Maybe they also pandang at something ! haha....

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Absolutely flawless macarons, Sonia! So beautiful and perfect. You continue to inspire me to be a better cook and baker in my kitchen!

funfunbake said...

hi, your macs turned out really nice , may i know how long could your macaron sit in room temperature? some filling could make the macarons very soggy snd wet after brought out from fridge. thanks

Anonymous said...

a true french meringue is egg whites whipped and then add caster sugar.. separate bowl, icing sugar and ground dry blanched almonds... measurements are exact, folding precise.
pictures are nice

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