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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Foods, Accomodation and More pictures, Rome Italy 2013 羅馬意大利自由行

Here come the last update of Roma. After Roma, the next destination is Venice.


Here are few pictures to share with you..
I am so regret that did not bring back any drawing from this trip


Italy is very Asian, still can see peoples selling fake branded bag at the roadsideIMG_3257
Never seen this type of nutella dip before, actually it has two section, one is the cookie bar to dip with nutella, another section is lemon tea drink, interesting right? I brought some back for my kids to try out, they were excited to enjoy this. but this is not cheap, if I could remember one cost Euro 3 ++ per box.

You can find good ingredients to prepare a Italian meal at this kind of shop

A shop only sell Pinokio items.

street view at night

orange tree on the roadside

Ok, this is my favourite Italy restaurant name Chianti Roma. I can't find their link, and forgot to take their name card for the address. I can remember they located at Via de Crociferi (near to Fontana di Trevi ).

I like their Rooster logo !

Many Chianti wines displayed on the shelf..


Most of the restaurant, they will serve this type of plain bread before a meal start..

This is Spaghetti Carbonara, but we did not appreciate Carbonara because the strong cheese taste.."Not ngam our taste", hehehe..

 I ordered Tagliolini ai fungi por (Tagliolini Porcini mushroom), oh, this was so good, the fresh Porcini was good and nice aroma! I must imitate this one day with my dried Porcini mushrooms.

Now come to the main dish, this is stewed pork, the taste quite ordinary

This is Roast Lamb , and this is very good, the meat was tendered and flavourful..If I will visit Italy again, sure I will go back to this restaurant to order this again.

This was a compliment dessert..


Another restaurant that we like, Target Ristorante Roma , just located near to the hotel we stayed





Our first try of Gnocchi, immediate fall in love with this pasta. I also imitated this gnocchi with clams and asparagus recently.

and we also love this Rosemary grilled beef, we even went back to this restaurant again and ordered the same beef and gnocchi..

Tiramisu also good!

Target Ristorante
Millenium 3000srl
Via Torino, 33-00184 ROMA
Tel: 0674740066

Ok, here is the Hotel that we stayed, Hotel Adler Rome . This hotel was recommended by my hubby's Italy counterpart. This hotel is near to Termini train station and metro station, and also near to famous tourist place. Price wise also reasonable.


Old-fashioned of lift 


Old-fashioned of staff, hahaha, just joke only. Friendly staff instead.

walkway to the rooms

the breakfast area

They provide simple breakfast daily. I like their Nutella and croissant. Their croissant is sweet type but not like the usual salty type..

About 10mins walks from Termini train station or 5mins to Repubblica metro station. I took this photo while we on the way to take train to Vatican city.

Extremely long escalator at the Repubblica Metro station 
I feel like going to fall when taking this escalator, scary  ^_^


beautiful night scene near to the hotel

Hotel Adler - via Modena n°5
tl. +39 06 484466


We made the right choice, left our big luggages at this hotel, and travel light to Venice by flight, stay tuned for my next Venice update....


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PH said...

I also don't like carbonara. Smell already become pening :)

Aunty Young(安迪漾) said...


Victoria Bakes said...

very nice pictures...i enjoyed this post Sonia! keep it coming!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Good evening Sonia...

Li Shuan said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics and places to look for great food in Rome.

Karen said...

wow.. nice trip, thanks for sharing ya..:)

Suhaina said...

What a virtual feast to the eye..i like the orange tree very much..thanks for sharing..

lilian said...


my name is Lilian..and I really enjoy yr post as I also travelled to roma in the month of june...love it..

Anonymous said...

I think my first project once i had a chance to visit italia is hunt for truffle, morell, chanterelle, porcini mushrooms, aged balsamic vinegar and many more ethnic gourmet ingredients...

CQUEK said...

beautiful place to visit

Lite Home Bake said...

Beautiful, i can't wait to see Venice :)

0620 said...

Nice trip
Nice foods
Where is Nice Sonia? haha!!

LEY said...

I would like to try Target Ristorante if I able to find where it locates

Small Kucing said...

how was the roast lamb? Got gamely smell ka?

Choi Yen said...

fake branded bag on sale too? I thought tourists are not allowed to bring in any fake goods to Europe and heard that the custom will give penalty on the item?

Ana Regalado said...

I bet it's cheaper to buy fake bags in Asia lol I've seen those Nutella dip here , can't remember the price but it's cheap . The food looks wonderful and very tempting :D

Yee Ling said...

Would love to have the Nutella dip too. Never seen it here before.

Anonymous said...

So fun to read yr blog! But your hotel booked for period I wanna go.:(

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