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Friday, July 11, 2014

Rye Bread Loaf 黑麦面包

I got to know from a Japanese baking book about Rye bread (you can read here about nutrients of Rye). I was happy to find the Rye flour at the nearby bakery shop recently. I still use the preferred straight dough method from Champion Toast and add small portion of Rye flour to it.

So happy this time I was able to get a full square loaf!

You can see the Rye flour (in the red ramekin) is more greyish green in colour. They suggested to replace 20% of bread flour with Rye flour. I found the loaf with Rye flour produced more dense and richly flavoured of bread. Anyway the texture still maintained soft and moist till the next day. I have been making this bread for daily breakfast consumption.  

I prefer this new way of proofing the dough in Pullman tin.

I suppose this Rye Bread Loaf is 20% more nutrients than normal white loaf ^_^

Rye Bread Loaf 黑麦面包
*for a 11cmx20cm (internal), non-stick Pullman tin  

335g Bread flour
85g Rye flour
35g sugar (can reduce to 20g)
1tsp fine salt
23g butter (salted)
1tsp instant dry yeast
270g milk ( I use cold milk from fridge)  


 1.Mix bread flour, Rye flour, sugar and yeast in the mixing bowl, mix well.
 2.Add in salt and milk, mix into a dough using low speed, then use medium speed to knead it into a shiny and smooth texture.
 3.Add in butter, then knead it using medium speed until it forms dough that shinny and smooth ( I use KA mixer, took about 20mins).
 4.Proof the dough until double the size. (Final dough weight around 750g).
 5.Divide dough into 3 equal balls, then allow to rest for another 10 minutes.
 6.Roll the dough into long rope, fold the dough then place it in a Pullman tin (if using ) or baking tray, go for final proofing for about 60-90mins. Let it rise till about 90% full (i close the lid when see 90% full, then wait further 30mins).
 7.Cover the Pullman tin, bake in a preheated oven at 190C (fan forced ) for 30mins.    

Recipe by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover


Veronica said...

A very beautiful loaf of bread and healthy too. I bought rye flakes for my bread. Maybe I can grind them into rye flour?

Fion said...

very pretty shape your loaf is
i think i had bought a pack of rye flour too...hahaha..should be finish it a.s.a.p
tks for sharing this recipe

Mel said...

You always make your bread loaf looking very nice and perfect.

MiMi Bakery House said...

Oh, this bread loaf looks great...and a beautiful shape you have there..
I don't seemed to be able to get a good square loaf at times.. I let the dough rise about 80% & off to the oven... maybe I shld try your method... I hope it works for mine too.. ^_^

Ana Regalado said...

What a wonderful-looking bread , Sonia ! Did you use dark rye ?!

Unknown said...

I'm drooling at your bread while mine is proofing in the oven. it is so hard to proof bread during winter... the bread does not rise fast enough. This rye bread looks yum!!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Anne, I am not sure, the rye flour colour look not that dark actually.

Jozelyn Ng said...

A very nice loaf, Sonia! This few days I keep on thinking of your soto ayam...

Victoria Bakes said...

I mean truly, what beats a simple loaf of healthy homemade bread right? What a keeper now that u made it with the CT method

Baking Taitai said...

Sonia, nice square loaf you have achieved! And each piece is cut so thick, I'm going to help myself to it and smear it with lots of peanut butter!

Karen Luvswesavory said...

Hi Sonia, I have a cookbook got a recipe on Rye bread but I haven't got time to try. This loaf of yours is so perfectly baked!

0620 said...

Happy to see the square loaf lol
Can see it is soft and tasty ^^

Li Shuan said...

Nice one!

Nadira Nancy said...

I tried to increase the dough to 500g for the 2nd one and it was a disaster,
it looked done on the outside but was completely pasty and undercooked on the inside after an hour,
Mine came out flat but delicious.
But, it went straight to the bin by me.

QembarDelites said...

I baked 2 loaves of this Champion toast bread two days back to back because the first loaf got eaten up so quick! I added some wholemeal flour into the the 2nd loaf for a healthier twist.

鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said...


向日葵葵 ~ Sunflower Grace said...

This Rye Loaf is simply nutritious to consume :D

ICook4Fun said...

I love the shape of the bread. You know I never attempt to bake this type of bread. We don't eat a lot of bread so it is easier just to go and get a loaf :)

Juliana said...

Your sandwich bread is just perfect...I love the rye in it.
Have a great week Lena :D

PH said...

Sonia, you are really good in baking roti!

Febry said...

This bread is reallly softt.. love it. Thanks for the recipe

Adeline Pang said...

Hi, may I know where to buy Rye flour?

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