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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dulce de leche 焦糖牛奶

I have heard about  DDL Dulce de leche ( you can learn more from here) long time ago but I can't try as it was not easy to obtain full cream condensed milk last time. Anyway, after I received the F&N full cream sweetened condensed milk , i immediately try to make DDL at home.

There are few ways to make DDL at home, you can refer here for more. As for me, i tried the simplest way, place the can in a deep pot that fill with water and put a rag under the can. Bring water to boil, once water boiled, lower the heat and simmer for 3-4hrs (do not close with lid as when you close with lid, water tend to boil).
Once done, carefully bring the can out and place it in tap water. When the can has cooled down ( tap water became warm), open the can and enjoy with spread DDL on bread or biscuits, or use it to make cake or frosting a cake and etc. 
For me, it still taste like condensed milk but with a hint of caramel aroma.


PH said...

I have read so much about dulce de leche but so lazy to make it. Even easy way also need 3-4 hours :)

Nadji said...

Si tu as un auto-cuiseur ou une cocotte-minute, tu peux avoir ta confiture de lait en 50 min après le sifflement de la soupape.
J'en fais souvent. C'est très bon.
A bientôt

Mel said...

Hi Sonia....good to see you back on post. I once made dulce de leche too...hmmm....yeah it taste just like condense milk.

My Little Space said...

Sonia, thanks a lot for sharing. The DDL turns out wonderfully. The texture looks really creamy but not runny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonia,

Try this version for the caramel - hassle free; just half an hour!


Thanks for sharing.

Baby Sumo said...

Before this, I also couldnt try making DDL cos no condensed milk in Malaysia but now we can :)

Victoria Bakes said...

thats a good homemade DDL recipe. shall keep this in mind

Elaine said...

Good morning Ms Sonia,
Welcome home... can't wait to read your post on your holiday.

Copycake kitchen said...

Wow! sound great your DDL!

Ana Regalado said...

I haven't made it since last year ! Yeah , still taste like condensed milk but more interesting :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonia,

May I know is the DDL meant to be thick ? How can I make it runny like condense milk so that I can use it to dip cookies or do you have any caramel dip recipe to share?

Really hope you can spare some time to answer my questions.

Thank you in advance :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Helen, maybe you can dilute it with hot milk?

Anonymous said...

Noted with thanks, Sonia. Can I make the DDL like 2 days in advance and leave it to cool in room temperature until ready to use ? Also how long can it be kept in the fridge after opening?
Sorry for asking so many questions.

Thank you very much

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Helen, once completely cool down, advise to store in the fridge . How long to keep,sorry I am not too sure.,

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sonia,

Once again thank you for your prompt reply. Will be making the DDL next week.

Have a great day ahead

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