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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Char Siew (BBQ meat) Fried Rice

When I baked the Char Siew bun the other day, I bought more Char Siew to fry rice for dinner as well, and also because recently just watched a TV show teach on how to cook a good Char Siew fried rice.

Simple recipe to share:-

-Cooked rice ( prefer overnight rice or cook in morning and keep till evening)

- Eggs

-Char Siew, thin and small slices

-Seasoning- Salt, pepper, light soy sauce and Chinese wine(Tiew Heng)

-Garlic, chopped

-Spring onion, chopped


1. Heat oil in a wok, saute garlic until golden brown, dish out and set aside. Use the remaining oil, crack eggs into the wok, scramble until just cooked.

2. Add in chopped Char Siew (BBQ meat), and cook for a while.

3. Put in the rice and toss to combine.

4. Add seasoning, fried garlic and fry well to combine.

5. Dish out, sprinkle spring onion on top and serve immediately.

Do enjoy fry rice !!!

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