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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Herbal drink_Mandarin orange candied (金桔饼)

After I recovered from the flu, but I have pass on to my daughter, now is my son's turn. So I checked with the owner of the Chinese herb shop what drink best to reduce phlegm (解熱生津,去痰止咳) and also importantly kids will accept the taste, he suggested the Mandarin orange candied (金桔饼). If you still having flu, this drink is best for you, and even best for those who just recovered !!! Furthermore, this drink is very nice and refreshing.

Simple recipe to share:-

Mandarin orange candied 金桔饼 1-2pcs

Dried white fungus, soaked

Rock sugar

Water (about 1.5lt)

Simple step: - Boil above ingredients for an hour..

** You may add some wolfberry 枸杞 in this drink too..

Do enjoy prepare hearty drink !!!
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