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Monday, September 7, 2009

Lemon chiffon, Passion fruit chiffon_Not my cup of tea !!!

I did not post any chiffon recently, if you think that I have stop baking chiffon, then you were wrong. Actually I still continue baking chiffon, baked chocolate marble chiffon for my sister and kids who love this chiffon very much, pandan chiffon for my daughter's birthday cake, and I also tried Lemon, Passion Fruit and new flavour ( keep it secret first, will announce it when I successfully done this)..Anyway, I will not bake Lemon chiffon and Passion Fruit chiffon again, too plain, just sour taste...not nice..

-Lemon Chiffon

-Passion fruit chiffon (using mobile phone to take this photo). This chiffon is better than lemon chiffon, got little bit of passion fruit flavour..unlike lemon chiffon, just plain and sour, not nice..

Recipe- use any basic chiffon recipe, replace the flavour ingredients to lemon juice or passion fruit juice.

**My old camera having problem, need to send for repair (hopefully they said can't repair, so I got an excuses to buy a new one, hehehe). For time being, I can either use my mobile phone to take picture ( but I don't really like to do this nowadays, I feel sorry to my blogger friends when you see this kind of poor quality of pictures) or look for old pictures that have not post it..So you will expect less posts from me from now onwards..
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