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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ginger Milk Curd

In order to support Wendy (Table for 2..more)'s 1st giveaway, I did my 1st ginger milk curd just now.

-This is the brand of full cream milk that i used, and I even bought the most expensive ginger (ginger from Bentong) which cost me RM4.00 for a small piece (normal ginger from China only will cost RM 1.00 )

-1st attempted result = Failed, (125ml milk (medium flame and count 20seconds)+15ml ginger juice+1tsp sugar), the spoon did not float but totally sunk in the milk.

-2nd attempted result = Failed too !! (125ml milk (low flame and count 10seconds)+15ml ginger juice+ 2tsp sugar), the milk just watery but not curd at all.

Wendy, I have tried my best, I think I will just give this up, but at least I tried !! So do I still qualify for the draw or not, hehehe..

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