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Friday, July 8, 2011

Longan Pudding/Jelly, and the new winner of my 1st giveaway for "other countries"

Longan Pudding/Jelly

I made this Longan Pudding 2 days ago as the weather here was so hot and hazy, about 2 weeks no rain at my place. I need something to cool me down...

You know what, after i made this jelly, my place started to rain, hahaha....

Longan Pudding/Jelly

The original recipe is using soy milk, but soy milk was run out stock and i was lazy to go out to get some, I replaced evaporated milk with soy milk. I like the texture of this pudding, not too soft and not too firm. But my kids and hubby still prefer the soymilk pudding with palm sugar syrup and minced ginger that i prepared earlier.

Longan Pudding/Jelly

Longan Pudding/Jelly
(recipe source: adapted from The Kitchen 70's with minor changes)

1 canned Longan fruit in syrup

1tsp agar-agar powder
1tsp gelatin powder
100g sugar
700ml water

200ml evaporated milk or soy milk
100ml Longan syrup (from canned longan)
3tsp lemon juices

1. Mix agar-agar powder, gelatin powder, sugar and water in a saucepan, cook over low medium heat until bubbles form around the edges of the saucepan.
2. Add in milk and Longan syrup, stir and mix well. Add in lemon juices and turn off heat, keep aside to cool for 5mins.
3. Pour the mixture into prepared jelly cups, let it cool for 30mins and firm on top.
4. Spoon canned Longans and 1-2tbsp of Longan syrup on top, refrigerate until set.
5. Serve cool.

Longan Pudding/Jelly

Ya, before I forgot, I draw again for new winner under "other countries" category for my 1st giveaway as the winner did not send me an email to claim the gifts from me. The new winner this time is " Three -cookies" from Sweden..quickly come to claim your gift as I don't want to draw again, hehehe..

Happy Weekend ahead to everyone ................

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