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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Homemade Yeast starts from an Apple

During the recent Japan trip, i visited a bookstore even i don't know Japanese, and also bought a book title with "Homemade apple yeast" . I have been thinking to making my own yeast, so this is my 1st homemade yeast from an apple..

I thought with the step by step photo shown in the book and i know Chinese letters, i should draftly know how to make this apple yeast..After went through the book, I still have few points that not so clear on how to do it. Luckily i found Yee's corner who know Japanese language, so she helped me to translate all these recipes. Thank you very much to Yee!!

Very simple ingredients to start making Apple yeast extract..

Day 1 - Day 2



Day 5 - so happy to see so much of bubbles


Apple yeast is ready..


Start making Yeast using apple yeast extract, need to feed this baby with flour and water everyday...




Tomorrow i will share with you the 1st bread that i made using this apple yeast

Making Apple Yeast Extract
(recipe source: adapted from a Japanese cookbook, translation done by Yee's corner)

Apple half (whichever type of apple is ok)
Fine Sugar 10g ( i use organic sugar)
Water an amount that can fill up the container ( I use mineral water)
a container about 500ml

How to make:-

1. Wash the apple, remove the core, retain the apple skin, then slice and cut into cube size.
2. To sterilize the container -to fully soak & sterilize all the container and its lid & other parts (if any )into the boiling water for about 3 mins; after sterilised don't wipe it to dry but leave it dry naturally .
3. Put all ingredients and cover with the lid, shake the container and let them mix well, put in a shady place where temperature around 20C to 30C for a week to 10days. To prevent the apple be dry up, shake the container once a day.
4. During 5 to 7days, bubble will be formed. Once a day open the lid and let the gas released (go off) from the container.
5. Other 2 days somehow the white and muddy water becomes thicker, there will more gas released out, open the lid and when you hear “bond” sound and it means the fermentation is done.

**to have a good standard of extract is you have smelt that kind of fruity and yogurt “stink” at the end of the fermentation.

IMG_4620 Making Yeast

Next we are going to use apple extract to make yeast. Once a day we use bread flour and water as a base to continue feeding/ growing the yeast. Let’s enjoy the joy of feeding and growing the yeast.

1st Day

Bread flour 100g
Apple Yeast extract 60g
Airtight container about 1.6L

1. Weigh a 60g apple yeast extract.

* the remaining apple yeast extract can be stored in fridge for use in case failure.

2. In a bowl, pour bread floor and apple yeast extract, mix it well with rubble spatula or hand.

*Kneading is not necessary here.

3. After forming into a soft ball, transfer it to the prepared container, cover with the lid and leave the container in a place where the temperature about 30C for 2 hours to half day .

4. Let the yeast relax, when it rise to a double size, cover back the lid and store it the fridge.

2nd Day

Bread flour 80g
Water 48g

1. Take the yeast from the fridge, pour the yeast into a bowl and add in all bread flour and water, mix well with a rubble spatula or hand.

• kneading is not necessary, only mix till the flour incorporated well.

2. Put the yeast back to the container (the container to be washed) and cover with the lid and leave the container in a place where the temperature about 30C for 2 hours to half day .

3. Let the yeast relax, when it rise to a double size, cover back the lid and store it the fridge.

Day 3 to Day 5
Repeat the same procedure as day 2.

Day 6

The fermentation is completed, the degree of fermentation is getting strong as you keep mixing the yeast, in 6th day the container will be full of yeast and the fermentation process is done and completed. You can use it to make bread.

About Storing and Keeping the yeast-keep it in the fridge

This is the Japanese book that I

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