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Friday, October 12, 2012

Mini Red Bean Buns 迷你红豆面包

When my daughter invited her best friends to our Mid-Autumn festival BBQ Party, her friends were so sweet, even gave me a baking cookbook as a gift. The title of the book is 星期天的烘培时光 by 郑荣仙.(a famous Korean cookbook writer).  There are many simple and nice baking recipes from this book, the first recipe i tried was this mini red bean buns..

IMG_0223 copy

The taste of this bun is not overwhelming, just a plain and simple bun, nice to have it with a cup of coffee..

IMG_0248 copy
Mini Red Bean Buns 迷你红豆面包
(recipe source: adapted from cookbook 星期天的烘培时光 by 郑荣仙, with minor changes) ***makes 30 mini buns

200g High Protein Flour
IMG_0223 copy 50g cake flour or low protein flour
1/2tsp instant yeast
50g caster sugar
1/8tsp salt
25g egg
125g milk
45g unsalted butter

100g cooked red bean

1. Mix all dry ingredients except butter in a mixing bowl.
2. Knead till a smooth dough, add in butter, continue knead till elastic.
3. Gently mix in cooked red bean into dough, cover and set aside to proof for 50mins.
4. Take out the dough, gently use your palm to release air from the dough, continue to rest for another 15mins.
5. Use a rolling pin (may dust with some flour), roll into 20cm rectangular shape.
6. Cut into small rectangular piece, arrange on a lined baking pan, rest for another 40mins.
7. Bake at the pre-heated oven at 180C for 15-18mins.
8. Store in air-tight container for leftover buns to maintain the softness.

IMG_0243 copy

With this mini "frangipani" flower from my garden, wishing all have a Happy Weekend ahead..

IMG_0259 copy
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