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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Simple Home-style tofu, and how to remove tofu from the box

Earlier I have problem to remove a perfect tofu from the box. After I learnt a new way, I am glad to see the tofu perfectly removed from the box for every attempted.

How to remove tofu perfectly from the box?
1. use a pair of scissor to trim off the edges of the tofu box, remove the plastic paper.
2. open the wall of the box and let tap water running through the gap, repeat the same step for each side, until you feel the tofu is floating on the water.

3. Place the tofu with a plate, then flip it over.

4. remove the box, and you see a perfect tofu..
Thanks to food4tots for sharing this useful tip !!

Now the tofu is ready to cook, here is the simple steamed tofu that I like to cook..

Simple steamed tofu with dried shrimps and onion
(recipe source: by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover)

1 silken tofu
3 sprig of spring onion, take green part only, chopped
tofu5 copy 20g dried shrimps, washed
4 shallots, sliced
1tbsp light soy sauce
1tbsp oyster sauce
3tbsp cooking oil


  1. Remove the tofu from the packaging, put it in a steam proof dish and drain the excess liquid. Steam the tofu in a rice cooker (while cooking rice ) or in a steamer for 5mins, pour excess liquid.
  2. Heat oil in a wok, fry shallots till golden brown and crispy, dish out and set aside.
  3. In the same wok, deep fry dried shrimps till aroma.
  4. Pour oyster sauce and light soy sauce on the steamed tofu, add in the fried dried shrimps together with cooking oil and sprinkle fried shallots.
  5. Serve with steamed rice.
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