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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to season and caring a Cast Iron Wok 怎样開鍋和養鍋 (生鐵鍋)

When Anne left a comment in my recent Otak-otak Kuey Teow Mee post that she love my wok that didn't sticking when stir fried this noodles. Then remind me that I have yet to post how to season a Cast Iron Wok. I have used this iron wok few months already and love to use it especially for stir fry.

This is the back of the wok which is enamel coated

I followed the way which taught by the shop owner.
First wash and scrub with this type of vegetable fibre brush.

Then fill the wok with water and boil it for a while.

You can season the wok the usual way of using pork fat. But I was taught to use this method, using a bunch of Chinese chives. Add in cooking oil, cook and stir the Chinese chives over the whole wok.

\Once the chives has cooked, wash the wok with just water (no soap or cleaning solution) and scrub with vegetable fibre brush. 

Then dry the empty wok over low heat (rub water with towel at the upper ring which heat can't reach) .
And now this wok is ready to use !!
So every time once you have finished cooking, immediately wash it with brush (only water but no soap), then dry the wok immediately to avoid rust !

Here is an example of the non-stick result after fried rice

The wok was not sticking at all.

Now I understand why those Tai Chow stalls ( hawker stalls) 's food has wok hei (smoky taste), one of the reason is their cast iron wok using for long period, the wok surface accumulate a layer of oil. When heat it up and it created smoke. So sometime when I stir fry vegetables using this wok, we can taste smoky taste too ^_^ . Anyway, you have to take extra steps to take care this wok, make sure wash it with water (no soap) immediately after cooked, then dry the wok before storing. My advise not to use this wok to cook strong taste foods example like curry (the taste will retain on the oil surface) or long hours braising foods. Instead this wok is perfect for stir fry or deep fry.

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