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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Penang Hokkien Mee / Prawn Mee 槟城福建虾面

After collected enough prawn's head and shells, time to cook a good bowl of prawn noodles from scratch. I have posted this recipe long time ago but it was not in detail. This time I improve my old recipe especially the stock.

This time i added jicama or yambean into the stock, which give natural sweetness, this bowl of good stock has no MSG at all...

then you have to prepare sambal chili paste

add few spoon of sambal chili paste into the stock to give spiciness!

in the same work, stir fry fresh shrimps, added some sambal chili paste, you have to cook the shrimps over high heat in order to get crunchy prawns.

Also prepare some crispy shallots, don't know how to get crispy shallots, check recipe here.

using the Rooster bowl to serve, give authentic feel to this noodles, yum!

Penang Hokkien Mee / Prawn Mee 槟城福建虾面
*serve 5

For the stock:-
600g pork ribs.
3.5lt water
500g prawn heads and shells, fry with some cooking oil till aroma
600g jicama, cut into big sizes
30g rock sugar or taste
2 and 1/2tsp salt or taste


  1. Boil water over high heat. Once boiled, scoop hot water over pork ribs, lightly blanch it.
  2. Add all ingredients into hot water, boil over low heat for 1 and 1/2hrs. Season with rock sugar and salt.
  3. Once stock done, strain the stock, add in the sambal chili paste (I added 2 1/2tbsp or adjust to your preference).
For the sambal chili paste:-
20g dried chili, cut into small pieces then boil in hot water for 5mins, drained
1 fresh red chili
6 shallots
4 garlic
½” ginger
1tsp shrimp paste/ belacan
4tbsp water

1/2cup cooking oil
15g dried shrimps, soak in water to soften, chopped
1/2tsp salt or taste
2tsp sugar or to taste


  1. Blend all ingredients except dried shrimps till a paste.
  2. Heat oil in wok, add in blended ingredients, sauté for 10mins.
  3. Add in chopped dried shrimps, continue to cook for 5mins.
  4. Add in seasonings and dish out.

200g fresh shrimps, stir fry in the same wok after done the sambal chili paste, season with salt
200g lean pork or pork loin, blanch in the prawn stock for 15mins, sliced
Water spinach (kangkung), blanch in hot water
Bean sprouts, blanch in hot water
Yellow noodles and rice vermicelli, blanch in hot water
Hard-boiled eggs
Crispy fried shallots
Fried lard 

To serve- place noodles into serving bowl, top up with prawn stock and garnish with bean sprouts, water spinach (kangkung), hard-boiled eggs, chili shrimps, pork slices, fried pork lards and shallot crisps. 

Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover
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