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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Muah Chee (peanuts glutinous rice balls) 麻芝

I have been wanted to try making this Muah Chee (cooked glutinous rice coated with ground peanuts) for a longer time. But i was keep delaying because have to prepare the roasted peanuts which is quite tedious process(roast, remove skin and process). Anyway i have no excuses this time as my mother gave me some leftover ground roasted peanuts that she prepared during CNY for ang ku kueh making.

With the earlier experience of making daifuku mochi, so this time i have no problem to handle the sticky cooked glutinous rice dough.

Using a sharp scissor to cut the muah chee, it was so easy to handle ..

I like to enjoy like Penang style, add some fried shallot with it.

I would said the homemade muah chee has no difference in taste if compare to store-bought.

Muah Chee 麻芝

150g glutinous rice flour
225g water
2tsp caster sugar
A pinch of salt
1tbsp shallot oil (fry 3 shallots with cooking oil)

75g ground roasted peanuts
30g caster sugar
Fried shallot

  1. Add glutinous rice flour , sugar and salt in a mixing bowl, pour in water and shallot oil then stir to mix well.
  2. Pour batter in a glass bowl, steam over boiling water over high heat for 15mins.
  3. While steaming, prepare the topping by mix ground roasted peanuts and sugar on a big tray.
  4. Once muah chee dough is done and slightly cool, use a silicone scraper to transfer the dough on the peanuts mixture.
  5. Use a sharp scissor, cut muah chee into small bite size pieces and coat with peanuts mixture.
  6. Top with fried shallots and enjoy!

Reference: Sunflower Food Galore, recipe by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover

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Fion said...

这个实在太怀念了,我也是因为要炒花生,所以一直耽搁着 呵呵呵

mayck-law. Blogspot.com said...

这个我也做了, 多几天才贴上, 今天来吃你家的!

Ana Regalado said...

Ohhhh I miss muasi or palitaw ( in Filipino ) ! We have it back home as well but I think instead of steaming the dough , we form it into small balls and flatten it then boil until it floats on top :D I saw this kind snack food last time during one of the CNY fair here and wonder what it was called , now I know :D Your sweet and savoury version with the fried shallots sounds interesting !

Joceline Lor said...

sonia ,您的 kak ciew 也是很快。我载孩子出去补习回来, 你的mua chee就说上菜了。
jin chiak hor 料 leh!
like 。。like。。 看了beh tahan。我想我要去打包一盒回来比较快。哈哈 。。
因为我 bo lat 炒花生。哈哈哈

Victoria Bakes said...

Oh... I hv never tried Penang style muah chee before... Hv to take your recipe away. Indeed, if homemade and store bought doesn't make difference, may as well do it ourselves.. Thanks for sharing

rachel said...


Baby Sumo said...

I also promise to make this for my kids for a long time already.. but the peanut process put me off. LOL!
Looks good.... maybe I should make it soon!

DG said...

This is my family's favourit snacks :) Can't wait to try it out and thanks for sharing.

DG said...

This is my family's favourit snacks :) Can't wait to try it out and thanks for sharing.

0620 said...


Anonymous said...

Perfect! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

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