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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Steamed Savoury Yam Cake with Minced Meat 肉燥芋头糕

The usual yam cake is topped with fragrance dried shrimps, but this time i tried the topping with minced meat after saw Cass posted this long time ago.

My sister gave me a big yam, so i used it up to make this yam cake and return a yam cake for her ^_^.

Steamed savoury Yam Cake with minced meat 肉燥芋头糕
*makes 2 x 8" round yam cake
To make minced meat 
450g minced pork
8 shallots, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1tbsp light soy sauce
1/2tbsp rice wine
2tsp sugar
1tsp salt or to taste
A pinch of white pepper
A pinch of Chinese five spices powder

  1. Heat some cooking oil in a wok, sauté chopped shallots and garlic till aroma.
  2. Add in minced pork, stir fry till colour changed.
  3. Add in all seasonings and adjust the taste accordingly, stir fry till dry. Set aside to cool.
 To make yam cake
800g yam, small cubed
900g rice flour
70g tapioca flour
1600ml water
30g dried shrimps, soaked and chopped coarsely
6 shallots, slices
1 & 1/2tsp salt or to taste
2tsp sugar
1tsp chicken stock powder
White pepper

1. Mix all seasonings with rice flour, tapioca flour and water by hand whisk till a watery batter.
2. Heat oil in a wok, sauté shallots till golden brown, add in dried shrimps and stir fry till fragrant.
3. Add in yam cubes and stir fry for 1min. Pour in the watery batter and cook mixture for 1-2mins over low heat, stirring all the time, until the mixture turns to a thick paste.
4. Pour the paste into a greased cake tin, smoothen the surface with a spatula then place cooked minced pork on top. Place it in the steamer and steam over high heat for 45 minutes.
5. Remove the cake and allow it to cool thoroughly before cutting into slices.
6. Garnish with shrimp/shallot mixture, chopped spring onion and red chilli on top.
7. Enjoy with chili sauce.

Recipe source: minced meat topping inspired by Cass , yam cake recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover

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Ana Regalado said...

That looks delicious , Sonia ! I haven't tried using minced pork in steamed yam yet but this version sounds really interesting ! I'll have to try it someday :D

Elin Chia said...

Looks yummy ;) thanks for sharing the recipe Sonia

Elin Chia said...

Looks yummy ;) thanks for sharing the recipe Sonia

Elin Chia said...

Looks yummy ;) thanks for sharing the recipe Sonia

Joceline Lor said...


Gloria Fernandes said...

looks very yummy ...def worth trying

PH said...

Ho chiak loh!

Somewhere in Singapore said...


Anonymous said...

What size pan please

Cass @ 揾到食 said...

满满的料,好吃 :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

anonymous, I have updated the size.

Fion said...


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