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Friday, December 5, 2008

Vietnam Rice Paper

Yesterday I prepared a difference way of dinner style, we didnt eat the usual rice but eat rice paper instead. This rice paper was bought during my visit to Vietnam few months ago. I use one bird of kampung chicken to cook two difference dishes, Chinese herb soup and cut chicken. We use rice paper to wrap with chicken and add a lot of Salad & Basil (from my garden), at the same time we also enjoy the Chinese herb soup, one stone kills two birds...
This dish is very refreshing and healthy.


温馨小屋 said...

很棒哦!good idea !

Emile Zola@life said...

We seldom eat the chicken meat from the soup, thinking not to waste the food, so this time boil chicken for short period, take out chicken but soup continue to boil. So the sweetness of chicken meat still maintain.

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