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Friday, March 12, 2010

Coconut and Pandan Chiffon cake

After made the multiple layers of Jelly, I use the balance coconut milk to bake a chiffon cake. I don't like the smell from the artificial pandan paste use in my previous Pandan Chiffon, so this time I replaced it with few pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) to make the original green colour.


-When the chiffon is baking in the oven, the coconut smell from oven make my kitchen full of coconut aromatic! Smell so good!


Coconut and Pandan Chiffon cake
**for 20cm chiffon pan

(printable recipe)

A) 5 egg yolk (medium size), sugar 20g

B) Corn oil 50g,
Pandan and coconut liquid 70g
- Pound 5 stalks of pandan leaves (screwpine) till fine. Mix with coconut milk 70g and squeeze out juice

C) Self raising flour 100g
D) 5 egg white (medium size), sugar 70g, corn flour 1tbsp

Simple steps:-
1. Whisk (A) till creamy and pale yellow.
2. Add in (B) and mix well.
3. Fold in (C) and mix well, set aside
4. Beat (D) till soft peak form
5. Fold in Egg white mixture into Egg yolk mixture, well combine.
6. Bake at pre-heateded oven at 160c for 40mins


We like this light and simple chiffon cake, even the colour is very pale in green, not nice looking, but it is healthy since no articial colouring or chemical substances(cream of Tartar) is added. Less burden to our body !!

Happy Baking !!

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