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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kuih Seri Muka

Kuih Seri Muka

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This month Aspiring Bakers is calling us to make Traditional Kueh (Aspiring Bakers #12: Traditional Kueh (October 2011), so i quickly make my favourite Seri Muka.

Kuih Seri Muka

No artificial colouring in this Seri muka, blue from bunga telang (blue pea flowers), green from pandan leaves (screwpines).

Kuih Seri Muka

I saw a lot of bloggers adapted the same recipe from My Kitchen. So this time I also use this recipe but i made little changes. Original recipe just pour the flour mixture on top of glutinious rice layer but instead I cook the flour mixture till thick (this is what usually other peoples did).
Also try to use fresh coconut milk and coconut milk from "old coconut" is the best "santan"!
updated on 12 Oct 2014-made little changes to the recipe, refer to italic font

Kuih Seri Muka
recipe source: adaped from My Kitchen with minor changes
*makes a 8” x 8” square pan

Bottom Layer
Kuih Seri Muka350g Glutinous Rice, soaked for 4 hours and drained
200ml thin Coconut Milk (100ml thick coconut + 100ml water)
1tsp salt
blue pea flowers (bunga telang), optional

Top Layer
2 eggs (large)
150g Caster Sugar
100ml Pandan Water (Blend about 12 pandan leaves (screwpines leaves) with 100ml water)
400ml thin coconut milk (200ml thick coconut milk + 200ml water)
120g All-purpose Flour
25g Tapioca Flour ( increase to 30g)
¼ tsp salt
Green Colouring (optional) , I use homemade pandan paste (omitted)


1.Bottom Layer: Steam glutinous rice with coconut milk and salt for 30 minutes. Rest for about 10 minutes, then transfer and press steamed rice onto a bottom of a 8" square pan (I take small portion of rice to mix with blue pea flower water).
2.Top Layer: Whisk eggs with sugar until sugar is dissolved. Add in pandan water, coconut milk, salt and pandan paste. Mix well.
3.Sift in flours and whisk till well combined. Strain the mixture and rest for 10 minutes.
4. Cook the flour mixture in a heavy saucepan on low heat, stirring all the time to ensure it doesn’t burn until it thickens slightly (when the batter is able to coat the back of a spoon). Remove from heat.
5. Pour the mixture on top of cooked glutinous rice (press to tighten), smooth the top and steam over medium heat for 30 minutes (do not steam over high heat).
5.Cool completely before slice with plastic knife.

The taste of this Seri Muka is nice and good, but I feel the top layer is a bit soft and not chewy as i prefer slightly firm and chewy type. Next time I will try to adjust the water amount and maybe increase tapioca flour. Also use a plastic knife to slice it in order to get smooth cut out.
Latest update- actually my family prefer soft top layer, look like i have no chance to change to firm top layer ^^

Kuih Seri Muka

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #12: Traditional Kueh (October 2011) hosted by SSB of Small Small Baker.
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