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Friday, April 5, 2013

Kuih Daun Kaduk 萎葉茶粿 (Wild Betel Leaf Ang Ku Kuih (steamed glutinous rice cake)

After I tasted with deep fried daun kaduk (recipe coming soon), and I realized that daun kaduk (betel leaf) can be tasted so nice, no raw or bitter taste but very fragrance instead. Since then, I starting to figure out new ideas to using daun kaduk to make into sweet kuih-muih (local cakes & snacks). I never came across local peoples using daun kaduk making into kuih-muih but usually they made into savoury dishes. I always admire Japanese peoples on their creativity, why they can use sakura leaves to make into various sweet and snacks e.g sakura mochi..So today I proof that our local herbs can be using to make nice kuih too..
As I know, daun kaduk is not 槟榔叶 (mostly consume by Indian community) even though they are come from the same family. From what I found here,  Chinese name should be called as 萎葉 (see link here) ..correct me if I am wrong..

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Daun Kaduk is very easy to grow..


Before steaming, the colours are so fresh and natural !!
Basically I am using Ang Ku Kueh (steamed glutinous rice cake) recipe to create this Kuih Daun Kaduk. I add purple sweet potato into the skin dough and filling is sweet coconut filling ..

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I am so happy this daun kaduk perfectly work together with Ang Ku Kuih, very nice and special..
When you bite the kuih together daun kaduk, you can't really taste the aroma from the leaf..very very mild aroma I would said..

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Kuih Daun Kaduk 萎葉茶粿 (Wild Betel Leaf Ang Ku Kueh (glutinous rice steamed cake)
(recipe source: created by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover)
*makes 20pcs

Coconut filling
150g grated coconut
208 copy 55g gula Melaka (palm sugar), chopped
40g water
1 pandan leaf, knotted
a pinch of salt

1. Add gula Melaka, pandan leaf and water in a saucepan, bring to boil until sugar melted.
2. Discard pandan leaf, add in grated coconut and salt, stir until slightly dry and well combine. Set aside.

Sweet Potato dough
130g purple sweet potatoes, cut into small pieces
200g glutinous rice flour
2tsp sugar
2tbsp corn oil
200ml water or adjust accordingly

1. Steam sweet potatoes till soft, about 15mins.
2. Use a fork, mashed the cooked sweet potatoes, add in glutinous rice flour, sugar, and corn oil, slowly add in water to mix well till soft dough, keep aside and rest 30mins.


3. Shape into 25g small ball

 To shape and cook Daun Kaduk kuih

 20pcs daun kaduk / betel leaves, choose medium sizes

1. Brushing corn oil on the back or rough side of daun kaduk.
2. Flatten the sweet potato ball, place a spoon of coconut filling at the centrel, cover and shape into round ball.
3. Wrap ball with a piece of daun kaduk, lightly press it.
4. Arrange kuih daun kaduk on a steaming tray (line with banana leaf and brush some corn oil) and steam for 10mins over high flame.

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 my notes:-
1. Difference sweet potato has difference texture, some is soft and watery, do not add all water at one go, slowly add and knead till a soft dough. If the dough is too soft, then you may add more glutinous rice flour.

Oh ya, next I am planning to make pink Kuih Daun kaduk, that look pinky sweet like sakura mochi , looking forward..

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