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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thai-Style Chicken Rice ( Khao Man Gai ) 泰式鸡饭

If you have been to Thailand, you should know that they have very nice chicken rice. We missed to try Thai chicken rice during our trip to Bangkok. Anyway, we managed to try Thai chicken rice when we crossed over to Thai border from Kelantan the other day (I hope to update the Kelantan trip soon) . Actually only my husband ordered this chicken rice, my kids and I were ordered beef noodles instead (not bad either). And my husband told us that the chicken rice was very nice, so we packed two back to hotel and we all fighting for this yummy chicken rice, hehehe..

Now I would say Thai chicken rice is equally good if compare to our Hainanese chicken rice

020-4 copy

And we noticed that Thai chicken rice only serve chicken breast, less oily actually.
Usually I don't like to take chicken breast, but now I start to appreciate it because it is less oily if compare to other part of chicken..
Don't over cook it and rub with some salt, you still can have nice chicken breast..

020-7 copy

And we love the rice too. Beside the normal ingredients like fried garlic, ginger and salt, Thai people add corianders or cilantro roots (芫荽根茎) and it really make the rice tasted so fragrance and nice aroma..
Talking about this coriander root, remind me of a nice dinner we enjoyed at a hawker stall (ta chou) just beside the road in Bangkok. We ordered a bittergourd soup and I laugh at my husband when he told me he saw ginseng in the soup, actually it was coriander root , LOL. a very nice soup indeed, and I have imitated it and cook it once but have no time to post it here..


020-8 copy

Another winning point of this Thai chicken rice is this special dipping sauce..It taste like those dipping sauce that we usually made to dip with unripe mango..


Use the same chicken stock to make a simple soup..
020-5 copy

I think from now onwards, I will cook more Thai chicken rice than Hainanese chicken rice..
Usually I will ask the seller to debone the whole chicken, so next time I can use only chicken breast and chicken carcass to make this chicken rice. And I can save chicken thigh, wings and drumstick for better use..
Try it out, you will love this Thai chicken rice.

020-2 copy

Thai-Style Chicken Rice ( Khao Man Gai ) 泰式鸡饭
(recipe source: modified from RachelcooksThai )
*serve 5 pax

 Chicken and Chicken stock

020-3 copy

1 chicken carcass, cut into big chunks
600g chicken breast鸡胸
2.5lt water
3 corianders or cilantro roots (芫荽根茎)


  1. Boil water in a stock pot. Use some hot boiling water to blanch chicken carcass and chicken breast.
  2. Add in chicken carcass, chicken breast and coriander roots. Simmer for about 45mins-1hr.
  3. Remove chicken breast after 30mins, rub some sea salt on the chicken, set aside to cool before slice it.

Chicken rice

3 and ½ cups rice
4 cups chicken stock (adjust accordingly to the type of rice you use)
½ whole garlic, chopped
2tsp salt
1tsp chicken stock powder
4 coriander roots
4 slices of ginger


  1. Fry chopped garlic till golden brown and aroma.
  2. Place all ingredients in a rice cooker, and cook till rice is done.


 Chicken stock
Cabbage and carrot or you can also use winter gourd, daikon, or chayote
Salt to taste


  1. Once chicken stock is use to cook chicken rice, in the remaining chicken stock, add in cabbage and carrot, and boil for 30mins. Season with salt.

Dipping sauce

2 small red chillies, chopped
2 small green chillies, chopped
2tbsp of chopped ginger
1tbsp of chopped garlic
1tsp soy bean paste ( I use tauchu)
1tsp palm sugar
2tbsp light soy sauce
1tbsp dark soy sauce
1tbsp vinegar


  1. Combine all ingredients and mix well. Taste and adjust as needed.


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Somewhere in Singapore said...

How nice if I were to stay nearby to you, hehe..

Unknown said...

Bookmarking this recipe. Looks yumm. All your photographs looks inviting..

Caca said...

I was aiming for the dipping, thanks for the recipe. I didn't know that cilantro roots give good fragrant, really have to try it out next time.

Mich Piece of Cake said...

This Thai chicken rice looks less oily and definitely healthier. Will give this version a try sometime.

Unknown said...

wow now i know the secrets...hehehe that cilantro roots give yummy fragrant..

Mel said...

I knew this is equally look delicious too. Love to give this a try out.

My Little Space said...

Way to go! Another simple ingredient to make the rice tasted so special.

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eileenlml.blogspot.com said...

very soon we can try the thai chicken rice liao, he he,
bangkok, we are coming

jehanne@thecookingdoctor said...

this looks very delicious, Sonia. I have ironically never been to Thailand despite loving their cuisine so much. So after this I can say good by to Thai Express and learn thai food cooking from scratch thanks to you!

Casey said...

wow....I love that dipping sauce!

Unknown said...

Hi Sonia....just dropping by....
I would love to try this recipe of chicken rice cos my family love eating chicken rice....t.q for the recipe!

zila norazila said...

so yummy la dear..:) i like

Little blue said...

After two classes yoga~ I really feel hungry...

Ana Regalado said...

What a scrumptious meal , Sonia ! I'm gonna steal this recipe sometime :D

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ann low said...

The chicken rice sounds so delicious. I must try to cook this Thai version chicken rice one day.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Thai chicken rice!? Wow, actually I would not thought of ordering chicken rice if I'm in Thailand! Lol But now that you've showed us the recipe, I'm sure we don't need to go there to enjoy this!

ICook4Fun said...

At a glance at your rice pot I thought it was ginseng roots too. I've tried the chicken rice in Thailand and they were good especially their fragrant rice.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Thai style Chicken was the preparation that I was looking for such a long time.

irene myme said...

对对对。。。我也喜欢把coriander roots 加入汤里煮的,可就没有尝试过把它放入饭里,下次一定要试试。谢谢你的分享哦! ^o*

A Taste of Memories-- Echo's Kitchen said...

one of my super favorite!

PH said...

Sonia, it sounds good! Slightly different from the chicken rice that we are used to. But I still want my "kai pei" hee..hee...

LEY said...

i wan to try this coming sunday :)
thanks for sharing!

by the way Sonia, you using the Kampung chicken or normal chicken?

Lady G said...

The Thai Chicken looks great! I'm also looking for healthier alternatives to cooking, cutting down on fat, salt and MSG.

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Small Kucing said...

sounds simple to make but me ..i wonder if i will mess it up or not :p

Baby Sumo said...

Oh I wanna try this. Usually we cook chicken breast anyway so I think I will really like this.

Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse said...

This Thai chicken rice looks so nice, i should try it out one day!

Sokehah cheah said...

Must try your version of Thai chicken rice and yes the sauce brings back memories. Our old Malay aunty neighbour will always make this dip for us to go with the unripe mangoes from her tree.

Esther Lau said...

Thai style chicken rice sound great and interesting to try out!

lena said...

that dipping sauce sounds wonderful!

mui mui said...

Ah Chi,
Did you also add ginseng to cook your rice? :p
At first glance in your rice pot thatt coriander roots really looks like ginseng. Must try your Thai chicken rice soon.

Yi May, Alexis said...

tried your recipe , and boy its really good!

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