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Monday, December 23, 2013

Pink steamed glutinous rice buns, soda method (Ki Ka Ku) 喜粄 (苏打汽水), Dongzhi giveaway result

Before I used 福  "Fu" stamp to stamping on the smiling old fashioned steamed sponge cake, actually I used Xi 喜 to stamping on this pink steamed glutinous rice buns. This is not my first time made this pink KiKaKu (this is how Hokkien called this kueh) but this version is with additional of soda drink.

I feel the additional of soda drink made this kueh tasted soft and slight chewy..

I feel so blessing and happy when see this lovely 喜 stamp on this kueh..

Pink steamed glutinous buns, soda method (Ki Ka Ku) 喜粄 (苏打汽水)
*makes 19 pcs

250g all purpose flour
250g glutinous rice flour
140g sugar
1 and 1/2tsp instant yeast
100ml water
225ml soda drink
30g corn oil
red food colouring
banana leaves


  1. Mix yeast, water, soda drink, and red food colouring in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add all purpose flour, glutinous rice flour and sugar in a large mixing bowl.
  3. Slowly add in the liquid mixture No 1, and mix till combine.
  4. Add in corn oil, continue to mix till smooth.
  5. Divide into small dough weight 50g, grease your hand with oil, roll small dough into ball then place on top of banana leaf, then slightly flatten it. Set aside to let it proof for 30-45mins or until it bound back when you touch it with your finger.
  6. Once water is boiling, then steam the kueh for 12mins.
  7. Enjoy it while hot or cool.
Recipe adapted from Crystal

Dongzhi Festival Giveaway result!!
Thank you for your participation, here are the four winners that select by random number generator. Congratulations to them !! Please drop me an email to let me know your mailing address and I will send out the gift soonest possible. And I noticed that the winner Jeannie Tay is the 2nd times won my giveaway (if I could remembered correctly), she is such a lucky girl !!

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