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Friday, December 13, 2013

Dongzhi festival giveaway 冬至送礼, Tang Yuan 湯圓 (Glutinous rice balls)

Chinese always say 冬至大过年 (Dongzhi festival is more important than Lunar New Year) and after celebrated Dongzhi, soon we will be celebrating Lunar New Year. One of food must have during Dongzhi festival is making Tang Yuan 湯圓 or glutinous rice balls, which symbolize reunion. Last year I celebrated Dongzhi festival together with few blogger friends at my house. This year I have no plan for any big celebration, will just make some sweet and salty Tang Yuan on 22nd Dec 2013 of Dongzhi day. Last year I had giveaway on CNY celebration, but this year I would like to giveaway few small gifts during this prosperity of Dongzhi festival.

Today i just made some sweet Tang Yuan with red bean filling..


There are four pairs of Chinese old fashioned stamps ( a small wood piece crafted with Chinese prosperity word 福 (Fu- blessing) and 喜 (Xi - happiness) to be given out. That means there will be four winners. This giveaway is applicable to Worldwide. To enter, just leave a message in this post with your name, where are you living and your email address. The closing time is on Dongzhi festival eve on 21st Dec 2013 at 12 midnight (Malaysia time). Winners will be selected by Good luck !!

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