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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Revisit to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Nov 2013 (Part 1)

I was thinking to make this trip into one post, after working for 2 days for several hours to sort out the photos and collage the pictures, I still couldn't squeeze into one post, so I have to break into two parts.

This time I brought my kids and mother along. So we chosen to stay at apartment Sherwood Residence at Pasteur Road (A nice apartment for big group, they provide hourly free shuttle bus to few popular spots, and they even serve free afternoon tea ).
These are scenes that I captured along Pasteur Road..

A lady selling curry noodles soup

I was salivated looking at her bowl of curry laksa that she was preparing..too bad we just had our breakfast no chance to try out..
The soup base has my favourite tofu puff..

The lady from 1st photo who selling some kind of egg waffle..

How they enjoy a meal or drink at the road side or small lanes between buildings..


An extra mini traffic light specially design for motorbike, only in Vietnam where they have millions of motorbikes..I heard every house at least own two motorbikes..


I am very respect to Vietnamese women who is hardworking earning small income to feed their family...

Our first lunch we went to our favourite pho shop which also located about 5mins walk from the hotel at Pasteur road.You can see my old update in 2009..

Pho Hoa Pasteur
260, Pasteur, Quan 3
Tel:(08) 3829 7954



Bo Bia Ngot
- ( crepes (popiah) wrapped with crunchy honeycomb, coconut, black sesame and interesting to find out they added milo powder 
** these four photos were captured using phone..

DIY tool to grate coconut flesh

We went to Hoang Yen again for our lst dinner , you can refer to my old post here.
Hoang Yen Vietnamese Cuisine
7 Ngo Duc Ke Street, Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
A dish that we sure order here is Thien Ly Xao Bo (Thousand miles flower stir fried with beef ) , you can refer to my recipe here . I learnt from the old post that this flower veggie called as 夜香花 in Chinese. My mother was so impressed with dish, her first time trying this flower . She even bought back some to bring home.
**I wish to plant this flower veggie, let me know if you know where to get this plant, Thanks!

other dishes that we ordered, fried spring rolls, salted chicken, caramelized eel, and young bamboo soup cooked with pork knuckles, this soup was good and refreshing!

Dong Khoi street , a happening street with many café, boutiques, branded store, souvenir shops & etc

Amazing paper crafts, but price a bit expensive..

"Please don't touch me", LOL..
The bags behind where our grandmother use to carry to market, but now it become very trendy here..



I heard you can have nice coffee at this beautiful hotel Continental
But is a bit hot to sit outside here for a good coffee, maybe can ordered iced coffee ^_^


I feel like in Europe..
Houses built on roof top !

Notre Dame Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh, you can refer my old post here.. 



General post office, Ho Chi Minh, you can refer to my old post here..


Saigon Opera House

We went to this café for lunch after saw a good review in a inflight magazine.
151/1, Dong Khoi street, 1st floor


Love their deco here..


you can also shopping here, but everything were expensive !

Lovely chocolate art !!
Ya, I was thinking to buy this cute plastic sugar container look like a cupcake but I didn't buy after know the price ...



Love this Vietnamese honey pork with baguette , must find one day make this at home

other items that we have ordered- Lagsana, pork burger, fish and chips and baguette with pulled pork

The next day, 3 girls (my mother, my daughter and I ) even went again for an afternoon tea (even hotel provide free afternoon tea, hehehe )..

We ordered this Vietnamese iced coffee, it was awesome!

each of us ordered a cupcakes..the cake texture was moist and good, but the cream were overly sweet !!
And I was quite disappointed that the cream of red velvet cupcake just a normal vanilla cream but not cream cheese which should tasted better !

This café is quite hidden at the first floor, you have to pass through an art centre and left turned to the café..

Entrance view from outside

stay tuned for part 2 update..


Esther Lau said...

Seem like a good place for cari makan and sightseeing. Wish to pay a visit next year. :)

Victoria Bakes said...

I hv been to Hanoi but not HCM.... Wow... The opera house is magnificent.... And u r right ... I'm so tempted by the laksa as well.... I do hope to see u cooking the laksa on ur post soon! My hubby loveessss laksa! And maybe a cup of drip coffee to go with it.... It will be such a bonus.... I will be staying tune for more

CQUEK said...

Oh, I’m so happy to follow along on your trips. It’s heavenly!

ann low said...

Nice place to visit. I love their laksa that they added with sweet potatoes and very spicy. The 夜香花 also very delicious.

JoanL said...

This makes me want to visit and eat from daylight to sundown. Thanks for sharing this.

Small Kucing said...

Break into more posts also nrver mind. Too long dunno how to comment :p

U found where they sell the coconut scraper or not. It would be handy leh....

lena said...

i'm not even aware of the mini traffic light the time when i was there, guess i was not observant at all. I saw jusco selling 夜香花 recently in ipoh, only the flowers , not the plant.

Elaine said...

Thanks for sharing again your trip... wonderful food!

Cecilia Yap said...

Nice pics you took. I remembered I also bought a few of those Ah Ma's bag which is very useful. And I missed the Beef Noodles too. Will definitely go back again.

Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse said...

Sonia, i was feeling like to buy that type of diy coconut grater as here no one selling freshly grate coconut. :) love the Colonial style building, especially the restaurant with checker box floor tiles, so beautiful.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Wonderful sights of Vietnam, particularly of the Alligator with a sign not to touch it. Lovely pics.

0620 said...

Would like to try their street foods XD

Joceline Lor said...


Li Shuan said...

Thanks for sharing ...very nice pics and places to eat out. I will ask my Vietnamese friend what is that flower...I wonder I can get it here.

Unknown said...

Love your pics very much!I'm waiting to see your 2nd part.I've been there few times but no chance to take nice picture.I even can see more here via your pics journey!Thanks for sharing!

Sem said...

Looking at the picture make me feel like booking a trip to Vietnam soon, especially all the mouth watering food.
We used to boil those 夜香花 in soup with pork and eggs, supposed to be good for eye sight, I heard.

Lite Home Bake said...

Thanks for sharing this, lovely pics!

Ana Regalado said...

Sonia , this is one of your tastiest post yet lol Scrumptious food and wonderful architecture ! Beautiful shots as always ;)

Anonymous said...

Greaj journey!
Lucky you my friend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking time and effort to share all your travels tales and makan places.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome. I'm from Vietnam too. You making me miss it so much (I went back there in summer). Don't know if anyone mentioned this, bit as I know, that's not laska, there is no curry in it. I know its Vietnamese name (Bun Rieu Cua), but English name is long and weird "Rice vermicelli soup with paddy crab and tomato (tofu, meat, boiled pork blood, veggies= bean sprout, basil leaves, ong choy, seasoned with shrimp sauce)" I'm drooling already lol. You should have tried it. Anyway, ur pictures remind me of many many of my childhood snack (wonder why I didn't remember to eat them when I was over there). I went to Ben Thanh market for bakeware too….^_^ not a great place to someone who doesn't bargain.

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