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Monday, November 5, 2012

How to wrap Dumplings or Gyoza 如何包饺子

Yesterday I taught my daughter on how to wrap gyoza and surprised that she learnt so far. So let my daughter to show you an easy way to wrap dumplings or Japanese Gyoza. I learnt this from a Taiwanese lady who taught us how to make vegetarian pumpkin dumplings when i attended a vegetarian food party which organized by Tzu Chi Malaysia 慈濟 previously.

1. Take a wrapper, dip your finger into a bowl of water and draw a circle around the edge of wrapper.
** if you use homemade wrapper, then you don't need to dip with water, example the pumpkin wrapper i made last time.


2. Take a small spoon of filling and put it in the center of the wrapper.


3. fold the wrapper in half and seal both center.


4.  start from center towards right side, start sealing the wrapper by placing a pleat and press to seal.


5. Leave a gap, continue to placing a pleat and press to seal.


6. Now start from center again towards left side, continue to placing pleats and press to seal. Each side makes 2 pleats.


7. Once 4 pleats are done, bend a bit of right and left end, and lightly press down to let the bottom part expand, so it can sit nicely.


8. Dumplings or Gyoza are done..


** you may also refer to this video or Just One Cookbook which show you how to wrap dumplings for more than 4 pleats..


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Thanks for sharing...

mui mui said...

Hi Sonia,
That is simple way for wrapping a gyoza. Thanks to you and your gal for the tutorial.
I recalled the first time i make jiao-zi with my sister. It is very interesting. Would like to share with you..:)


cquek said...

i am bad in wrapping.

Angelic Heart~ said...

This is very helpful.
Thanks Sonia.

divya said...

Wow...that's an absolute delicious recipe.....

Quiet_Baker- said...

Thanks for the tutorial.. :) BTW, how old is your daughter? Just love the bonding between mom and daughter. :)

Anne Regalado said...

Sonia , your daughter's a fast learner ! Takes after her Mom ! :D

Lady G said...

I got more hungry as I read on.

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lena said...

thanks for showing these. I'm really lousy doing this. I find that pleating the right side is easier than the left side for me.. i need to practise more.

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