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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Green tea (Matcha) sponge cake

After i success baked basic sponge cake(cocoa), I prefer to use the same recipe to bake other flavour of sponge cake. This time, i tried with green tea.

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-Not sure why I can not have nice green colour, because I'm not using the special green tea powder for baking purposes or have to drop some green colouring ?Please let me know if you know the reason, much appreciate.

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Green tea (Matcha) sponge cake

Whole eggs 4 ( cold eggs)
Egg yolk 1
Sugar 90g
Golden syrup 1 tbsp
A pinch of salt
Corn oil 20g
Green tea powder 1 tbsp
Cake flour 75g
Baking soda 1/2tsp
Milk 20ml

Home cook red bean paste
Whipped fresh cream
Green tea powder

1. Mix green tea powder with milk until it become green tea paste, set aside.
2. Beat whole egg + egg yolk, sugar and salt on HIGH speed till foamy.
3. Add in syrup and continue beat on MEDIUM speed till double in volume and ribbon-like.
4. Sift cake flour and baking soda, beat on LOW speed till mix well (about 20-30 beats).
5. Add in corn oil, and mix well.
6. With a spatula, take 1/3 of the batter and mix it with no (1) using hand whisk. Fill in this mixture with the remaining batter and combine well with spatula.
7. Pour batter in a 7” round pan and bake 25-30mins at 180c.
8. Remove from the oven and invert the pan immediately. Let cool completely before unmould.
9. Slice the cake horizontally into 3 layers. Place one of the cake layers cut-side down on a cake plate.
10. Spread the whipped cream over the layer. And follow by red bean paste to cover the whole layer.
11. Repeat step 10 for the second cake layer. Top with the third layer.
12. Decorate with your own creativity with whipped fresh cream and green tea powder (I followed to Happy Home Baking decoration)

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Happy Baking !!

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