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Monday, January 25, 2010

Kuih Bangkit 茨粉饼, crispy and simply melt-in-mouth !! (latest update)

After waited 4 days 3 nights, today I'm exciting to bake the 2nd batch of Kuih Bangkit( failed on 1st batch, here), finally the resulted was so good, the Kuih Bangkit is simply crispy and melt-in-mouth !! I went through all your wonderful recommendations, took what I feel workable, and came out with my recipe that worked for me.


Recipe adapted from Jane, but I altered the ingredients measurement as I have done stir-fried flour before her post. Thanks to Jane for kind sharing !!
Personally I also recommend you to refer No-Frills Recipe and Baking Mum, both followed to traditional way, also stir fry the flour over low flame until light and cool for several days. One thing they did not add in is sago flour, but they also add in margarin/shortening

Kuih Bangkit (makes around 50pcs)
200g tapioca flour
60g sago flour (updated on 17 Jan 2014- you can use half tapioca and half sago flour too)
4 screwpine (pandan) leaves, cut into small pieces
1 egg yok
85g icing sugar (earlier I added 100g, realized a bit too sweet)
70-80ml coconut milk (or adjust accordingly) -only use freshly squeeze coconut milk !! Updated on 17 Jan 2014)- you should use concentrated coconut milk, simply squeeze out coconut milk by not adding any water
A pinch of salt
Red food colouring (for decoration)

1. Stir fry tapioca flour and sago flour with pandan leaves in a clean wok for 75mins(low flame) until flour very light and slightly turned yellow, and pandan leaves turned crispy. The final weight I got was 210g.
2. Cool flour for several days (if you intend to keep more than 3 weeks, then store in air-tight container and keep inside the fridge) .
3. Whisk egg yolk until creamy, add in icing sugar and half coconut milk, whisk till combine.
4. In a mixing bowl, sift in tapioca+sago flour, add in egg mixture.
5. Slowly add in(little by little)the balance coconut milk into mixture, mixing by hand till mixture clings together to form a stiff dough, smooth and pliable(neither too wet nor dry, I knead about 5mins).
6. Dust a Bangkit mould with extra flour, press dough gently into mould. Trim excess dough. Tap gently on hard surface to remove dough. Repeat.
7. Bake in preheated oven at 160c for 25mins.

200 克茨粉
60 克 沙谷粉
4片斑兰叶 ,切小片
1 个蛋黄
85 克糖粉 ( 我曾经用100克,但发觉太甜了)
70-80 毫升的椰浆(要用新鲜的椰浆)
1 小撮盐

Notes from me:-
1. I feel a bit tough to use mould to shape, advise you to use the cookie cutter for easy shaping. Personally I like the traditional mould.
2. Use toothpick to clean the excess dough stick on the mould.
3. Set aside extra coconut milk to add in dough when dough turned dry, and extra flour for dusting.
4. Do not try to shorten the stir fry time, if you did, you will have a cookie has raw flour smell..
5. Press dough gently on the mould, do not over press, otherwise hard to remove cookie from the mould

- I did few with Tiger face, look ugly ho?
Enjoy Baking !!
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